What is TabNote?

Devro LABS have created very unique notepad call TabNote to increase your productivity. While browsing the web we all want to take some notes, early days we used notepad or some other similar software but now on you don’t have to go anywhere TabNote is inbuild notepad for Chrome. And it’s just a single click away. 🎊

check it out https://tabnote.co

About TabNote

TabNote is a free and offline chrome extension which can use to take notes while you are browsing the web. 🤗

🤖 You can customize your TabNote by setting up font size, font color, font family, background color, spell checker etc.

You can use TabNote as a clipboard or a notepad. Purpose of TabNote is productivity. You don’t have to wait until for notepad, TabNote is a single click away. 👼

ProductHunt post https://www.producthunt.com/posts/tabnote-2

FAQ TabNote

Is TabNote free to use?
Yes, it is totally free to use and you can use it offline as well.
Is TabNote a notepad or a clipboard?
You can use it for both purposes. Also, you can customize it according to your requirements.
How can I customize TabNote?
Right click on the launcher icon (next to chrome search bar), you will see a context menu. Select “Options”, you will see all the options to customize.
How do I save in TabNote?
By pressing Ctrl+S you can save it. It’ll save with the .html extension but don’t worry you can open it with chrome next time.
Is TabNote open source?
Yes, It’s managed on GitHub and licensed under the MIT license.
Can I contribute to TabNote?
Yes, you can fork the repository and after adding some lines you can make a Pull request.