Development Seed
Mar 1, 2016 · 2 min read

By: Marc Farra

OpenStreetMap now has real-time user analytics. We’ve rolled user profiles and leaderboards into Missing Maps, a project to map the most vulnerable places in the developing world on OSM.

Get your badges!

Badges reward users for different types of contributions, such as the number of buildings created or kilometers of road added. Every OSM user who contributes to a Missing Maps project now has badges for progress tracking.

Check out Missing Maps user profiles
Check out Missing Maps user profiles

Track your mapathons with leaderboards

Live leaderboards allow you to track contributions in real-time. They are great for powering a mapathon or tracking an activation. OSM users can now compare their contributions on live leaderboards.

Check out Missing Maps user profiles
Check out Missing Maps user profiles

Working with the American Red Cross we developed the infrastructure to make real-time analytics work. Since 2014, Missing Maps volunteers have made more than 22 million edits. Every contribution with a #missingmaps hashtag is now tracked in real-time. The infrastructure that powers Missing Maps has the potential for application at scale across OSM.

The implementation code is all open source on GitHub and builds on our previous work on real-time OSM tracking. We hope to roll out badges and leaderboards to more corners of OSM soon.

Development Seed

To understand a changing planet we create, analyze and…

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