Top 10 Mobile Apps Built with Flutter

Top 10 Powerful Mobile Apps Built with Flutter

Know about some Amazing Apps Built with Flutter that Gives you Batter Idea that Why Flutter is for Your Next Project.

Binal Prajapati
May 25, 2020 · 5 min read

When version 1.0 released since December 2018 in mobile app development, Flutter is one of the hottest topics ever. Flutter has fast trending, and for the outstanding projects, it used to develop. The Startups mostly prefer the Flutter Framework for their amazing projects to grow fastly and make a position in the competitive market.

So this is the reason why I’m going to discuss the Top Flutter Apps. But before I start, let’s have a quick view of the Flutter Framework.

Flutter- a Quick Overview:

Flutter created by Google in 2015, and it is the most popular and opensource Framework. To run on different platforms with one codebase, you can use the Flutter Framework to create apps. For Fuchsia, the primary Framework also is Fuchsia- to replace Android in the future reportedly planned a new Google operating system.

Run it on Android and iOS both and in a straightforward manner to craft an app it allows you by its convenient Software Development Kit(SDK) that’s why it is the more growing and enthusiastic Framework along with all other cross-platform solutions among developers. Additionally, it is continually improved.

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Now here we start,

Top 10 Powerful Apps Built Using the Flutter Framework:

1) Google Ads (Utility)

On Andriod smartphone to view campaign stats the Google Ads app enables. Add/edit/ remove keywords, allow calling Google expert, real-time alerts and notifications, act on suggestions to improve, and many more app showcase campaign details provided.

2) Alibaba (eCommerce)

Flutter to power parts of the app Alibaba is a for global trade and incorporates wholesale marketplace. From supplier this app allows users to buy products around the world of a mobile app from the convenience all.

3) Birch Finance (Finance)

To optimize exiting cards and manage the Birch Finance helps its users, it is a credit card reword app. This app enables users to earn and redeem rewards to offer different ways, according to their spending pattern, to find the best card for them, across all accounts tracking spending.

4) Cryptograph (Finance)

Including Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), and Ethereum (ETH) and many more for more than 1600 cryptocurrencies the latest data and figures provided by the CryptoGraph. For easy tracking, adding a coin to Favorites and selecting allows, the app presents Exchange rate charts.

5) Reflectly (Lifestyle)

Driven by the Artificial Intelligence Reflectly are a mindfulness app and journal app that is built using Flutter. To reflect the day offers a new set of questions every day, unlock advanced statistics and personal, in a personal journal to create stories, all wrapped into a beautiful interface, Flutter allows its users.

6) Hamilton Musical (Entertainment)

The hit Broadway musical Hamilton Flutter empowers the official app. For New York, London, Chicago, and tour locations daily lotteries, from the official Hamilton store, to purchase items merchandise store, daily trivia game, exclusive daily news, and videos and many more include in this app.

7) Coach Yourself (Health and Fitness)

For the German-language market, Coach Yourself is a meditation app. It is facilitating its users to strengthen their personal development and take their unwanted habits.

8) Watermaniac (Health and Fitness)

To track the amount of water the users drink helps by the Watermaniac app. Of all drinks that users took and logged have a history, to set a daily goal of water and about drinking water customize notifications to remind users enables by this amazing app.

9) Hookle (Social)

To share posts, manage multiple social media accounts, and monitor social activity at one place using Flutter Hookle is another amazing app that allows its users. Multiple social media channels publish posts, customize posts per social media channel, across all channels at a glance monitor activities, and many more Hookle facilitates composing.

10) SG Bus Tracker (Maps & Navigation)

Arrival for buses in Singapore an estimated time gives by SG Bus Tracker. The users can see of nearby bus stops listing this app enables, SMRT, serviced by SBS, Tower Buses, Go Ahead, along with color codes: Red (Limited standing), Yellow (standing available), Green (seat available) with seat availability.


So the above amazing app builts with Flutter Frameworks that shows the potential scope of the Flutter is high, and because of the popularity, Flutter is the most preferable and trustworthy Framework due to the large community Google support.

So as per my opinion, the Flutter is a good option especially when you need;

  • To develop an MVP
  • To market your app quickly.
  • With a beautiful UI that is reliable and fast both apps for iOS and Android.

So if you are planning to build your app using the Flutter framework? You can create a powerful app with less code and expressive language and modern, more functionalities with Flutter; you can create a powerful app. You can hire Flutter developer to make your unique app as per the market requirement. Flutter is the best way to reach a broad audience fastly.

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This is a collection of stories about what is happening in…


This is a collection of stories about what is happening in the latest and greatest world of technology. Find out thoughts and reflections on today’s technology, software development practices, Agile methodology and entrepreneurship.

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This is a collection of stories about what is happening in the latest and greatest world of technology. Find out thoughts and reflections on today’s technology, software development practices, Agile methodology and entrepreneurship.

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