How to answer “Tell me about yourself” for freshers?

A favorite question of the interviewer

Srishti Kapoor
Nov 4, 2020 · 3 min read

We know everything about ourselves yet when it comes to expressing somebody about self, we aren’t sure in those 2 minutes of time frame what to say or what not to say. How to convey the interviewer about the capabilities and strength. Everything sounds so complicated, isn’t it? but if you have your answers prepared, everything seems accurate and easy. Let’s decode step by step the question “Tell me about yourself”?

Tell me about yourself, walk me through your resume, tell me something about your background, how do you define yourself? All questions have the same answer. Don’t waste time discussing where you were born and what is your family background or hobbies instead, this is an opportunity for you to set the mood of the job interview and highlight the things you need the prospective employer to know about you.

To appear confident, break your answer into 7 segments

  1. Greeting
  2. Educational background
  3. Brief Internship details including the story of hardship and success.
  4. Technical and Hard skills ( Skills that are relevant to the employer)
  5. Project details highlighting your achievements and responsibilities
  6. Anything worth mentioning apart from education
  7. Goal.

For descriptive information

Example 1

“First of all I am really grateful for this opportunity, thank you so much. To begin with a little about myself: “I am (Name) currently residing in (Name of the city ) basically from (Name of the city). I completed my (Educational background) from (College) which is affiliated to ( Name of University). I have been an active member of the college’s Robotics’ Club and had an amazing experience interning at (Name of company ) where I had an opportunity to implement my ideas in real-time. Working among the brightest of mind I figured out my love for (Particular interest which can be merged with the Job description) as well. My project revolved around (explaining the graduation project) and the learnings were immense. Not only I learned how to manage time and people but along with I understood the importance of deadlines, pressure, and how to be calm around it. All in all the experience was great. Being a visionary I would really see myself handling a team in 5 years and regarding short time goals, I would like to complete every day’s work with total integrity and smartness. Also to add I have a dog shelter near my home, I like spending my free time there .”

Example 2

There can be moments where not much descriptive answers are needed due to time constraints. Examples 2 explains the positive points in less than 40 seconds.

Hello, I am (Xyz) and was fairly interested in logical subjects and hence I graduated with a degree in Engineering in (Xyz year). (Internship project) was one of my main achievements during my academic career as it was revolved around practical implementation which led to an impeccable internship that I have just finished, now with an upgraded skillset I am actively looking for a full-time position in (Xyz domain) and goal is to be productive throughout. When I am not studying I like to read or attend workshops (name a few workshops attended etc).

Better? Yes, when we are ready with such answers we are confident and it is easy to break the ice. By answering what you know, you have made a compulsion move for interviewers to ask only from that paragraph you just described them. Remember never lie or add something that you don’t know. Now whether it’s your technical skills or your project they will ask questions about it. Even if they grill you, stick to the facts and try not to lose your patience.

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