How to avoid being nervous in an Interview

The ultimate guide to keeping calm in that hour (Non- telephonic)

Srishti Kapoor
Nov 4, 2020 · 3 min read

What is going to happen? what will they ask? I can’t remember anything. I am going to fail the interview. Wait, hold!! Do these thoughts sound similar?? Don’t Worry!! Interviews are hyped a lot and almost everyone goes through the same feeling, the interview is nothing but a conversation to know more about you, your interests, test your technical skills and soft skills, and eventually draw a decision whether or not you are eligible for the vacancy.

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The interview is just a conversation but a “TRICKY ONE”. You need to be calm and extremely well prepared to grasp the opportunity. Lack of preparation results in lower confidence and hence leads to nervousness.

It is very important to understand the importance of proper guidance and by the end of this blog, you will be confident enough to plan your interviews.

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The above points will help you to prepare and plan mentally that you are going to face an interview on the 4th day.

Most important tips to keep calm just before and during the interview.

Just before the interview

  1. Clear your head: No need to think anything, just keep your mind at ease. You can also chew some gum but don’t forget to throw it before entering the room.
  2. Be positive: Visualize yourself winning the interview; simply chanting something like “I am fully ready for this” or “I can do this brilliantly” can make the prospect of the interview less daunting.
  3. Avoid drinking coffee or too much water: Caffeinated drinks, as these will make you more likely to appear shaky and unable to concentrate. Drink water, but make sure that you enter the interview room with an empty bladder to avoid distraction.

During the Interview

  1. Watch your posture: Sitting comfortably but attentively is necessary to make sure you can complete the interview without having to fidget and shuffle around and don’t forget to smile. Nobody likes a cranky face.
  2. Focus on the question: Always listen to the interviewer, don’t interrupt.
  3. Think of it as conversation: Don’t take it as a test, it’s just a formal conversation
  4. Focus on your strength: Also focus on what you want to convey about yourself, rather than second-guessing what the interviewer is thinking.
  5. Accept mistakes: No need to lie or prove and point. If you think you don’t know any answer or gave a wrong answer, immediately alert them about it and apologize
  6. Think before you speak: Take a gap between thinking and replying to their answers. Don’t be in a hurry. This will prevent them from grilling you more.

If being nervous is the problem, so the solution is proper planning & preparedness. Don’t forget you are not alone and as Albert Einstein says “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”, with proper guidance and self-belief bigger milestones can be achieved easily.

Best of luck for the interview :)

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