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Dear DeXe community, as the DeXe Network is about to hit some very exciting milestones, we want to take a minute to give a refresher on our mission, aka what is the DeXe Social Trading Platform and why people are so excited about it leading up to our public release.

DeXe will launch with social trading in the DeFi space, allowing “follower” users to copy the wallets of the “trader” users for the benefit of both. But DeXe is much more than that, as will become evident with each new release and update. DeXe is automated and decentralized as it should be, connecting traders and investors directly via smart contracts.

Our biggest strength is our community — with each new trader and investor, we get stronger and provide more value to the community. There are plenty of opportunities for community members to contribute to DeXe not just through purchasing the DEXE token, but through voluntary participation in a number of important structural positions as we grow.

According to Defi Pulse, DeFi’s locked liquidity has increased more than tenfold over the past year to reach $12.5 billion.

New DeFi products are released daily, with some already competing with their centralized economy counterparts (often, offering much better interest rates and mechanisms — hooray innovation!). DeFi is coming of age, after years of early attempts to establish the space. Exciting things are happening in decentralized banking and various instruments that provide loans, insurance, and asset tokenization (in addition to payment systems, trading exchanges, and so on).

For the above to truly succeed in a lasting and decentralized manner, there is an urgent need for an equally secure and decentralized money management tool. This is the grand vision of DeXe on which our developers are working long days and nights.

The main mission of DeXe is to enable users to make and manage decentralized investments with a number of easy-to-implement and flexible strategies, all from the security of their own wallets. The platform works on its own according to the DAO principle — no one can arbitrarily change the rules.

DeXe eliminates third party transfer of funds and the need for API keys. As such, DeXe has developed a one-of-a-kind social trading tool in the DeFi ecosystem. While similar products already exist, their principle of operation is radically different from DeXe. Our hope is that, once you start using DeXe, its advantages will become apparent (as has been the case in our beta so far).

Due to the huge jump and growth of trade flows like Uniswap, Balancer, Curve, Mooniswap, etc., there are obvious opportunities for decentralized trading by simply copying the deals of the best traders in automatic mode through DeXe smart contracts. Here is a high-level overview of how it works:

  1. Any user in the DeFi ecosystem can lock their cryptocurrency and receive stablecoins in return.
  2. The volume can be increased by automatically copying transactions.
  3. Connect your wallet, such as Metamask or Trust Wallet, to the DeXe platform, select the best trader or group of traders who successfully sell and buy cryptoassets and subscribe to them, sending these received stablecoins to a DeXe smart contract and, in return, receiving the synthetic token of each selected trader backed by your contributed assets (LP).

The goal of our team for DeXe’s first year of live operation is to get at least 3% of the DeFi volume of the total assets locked in DeFi ($12.5 billion) through social trading (which comes to around $ 375 million). We consider this goal very realistic based on the attractiveness of the above mechanism to both investors and traders (including data from our closed beta testing); the lack of other platforms in the DeFispace with such capabilities, security, and ease of use; and our team’s past and current success with non-DeFi social trading for institutional investors. In short: we know what we’re doing and can’t wait for you to try and love the results.

Sure, you may say: anyone can claim success in vague terms. Show me some numbers! As you wish: the history of traders in our centralized product, BillTrade, shows an average result of 3–4% monthly profit and 10–14% in the growth phase, which comes 8% per month or 96% per year if the user continues to reinvest the profit. We assume that the volume (USD locked in DeFi) will reach $30 billion by the end of 2021. Our goal for the next several years will be to keep that 3% of the market share while we continue to improve the DeXe network and add more benefits to our community. Once again, our community is our greatest strength, so please join us on our social channels (below).

Note that is already developed and the DEXE token will be used for its intended purposes (management, stakes, and farm rewards). The model is not experimental. A public release will be announced in the near time. However, If you have any proposals and suggestions before the public release, please message us at

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