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Moon or Refund

Moon or Refund

Dear community! We are glad to declare the next opportunities program named “One-Year Confidence”

Whereas aims to complete decentralization, safekeeping measures will be ensured. DeXe wants to define refund commitments.

80% of our refund obligations will be placed in a smart contract of created for this purpose. The audit of the smart contract will be presented by an independent third-party provider so to provide a true and fair view of the refund policy and safety.

Participants of 2–22 rounds may retain the refund of 80% (refund pool to be formed) to its original allocation during 2–22 rounds in exchange for DEXE tokens swapped at a time during an asset swap. This program will be available in 12 months after DeXe Token Sale finished. This means that token sale participants can continue to stake their DEXE tokens and have the option of participating in the refund of its original allocation in exchange for DEXE Tokens swapped at a time that would be available after the token sale. Note, that 30% from the refund pool may be used for the functioning of the and will be returned to the refund pool before the available public date of such a refund. Such expenses will be carefully considered by the core team and presented to the public monthly. is committed to full transparency and further periodic audits will be performed and reports published to provide continued accountability to our current and future actions. These audits and reports will be publicly announced upon completion and ongoing.
More details about the “One-Year Confidence” Program will be published soon.

Stay tuned, great news is coming soon!


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