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DeXe. Features to boost your profit

DeXe is an online decentralized asset management environment. It provides you with different trading tools to manage your finance independently and on your own will.
The ecosystem operates on DAO principles. This means that Dexe.Network is a completely autonomous platform, where all processes occur automatically without the participation and influence of the founders. It means that any user within this network fully controls all financial transactions going through a personal wallet. No third parties interfere in the process. So with Dexe, you have the opportunity to invest safely in a decentralized environment, controlling risks and finances using just your wallet.

What users can do within the DeXe network:

  • Create your personalized trading token
    You can create your token, the price of which will depend solely on your trading experience, knowledge, and implementation of strategies.
  • Copy any transactions of chosen wallet
    You can select any desired wallet address that you follow, subscribe to it, and if the owner of this address sells or buys an asset important to you, you will instantly copy his transaction. Moreover, optionally, you can perform this action even faster than the owner himself by automatically increasing the commission in the block of the transaction.
  • Save and multiply your assets
    Choose proven professional traders and multiply your funds by growing their registered tokens.
  • Hold, send, give your trader’s label token
    You can store, give, donate, sell your trader tokens, asset management will continue.
  • Save on commissions with Dexe smart contract copying pools
    There is no need for a huge number of transactions and pay a lot of commissions for the purchase and sale of tokens after you use the dexe smart contract, the trader does everything for you, you only hold his label token and can potentially increase the value of your assets.
  • Group investments
    By voting the participants and owners of the trader’s label token, can decide whether to trust the trader with investments in various crypto companies or any speculative instrument like farming or staking). The trader must explain and give arguments to persuade the participants, and to have their approval.

Why does the DeXe network have so many attractive features?

This product is developed by a team of real traders. The founders of our team have tremendous experience in trading since 2014. More information you can find in LinkedIn:

They have created a centralized platform first, which operates in a private mode. This project was done and collaborated with some private Funds with hefty investments and there was no goal to go public. The ultimate goal of our team was to create an OTC social trading product that would let people use social trading tools directly from their non-exchange accounts, while only the user himself needed to have control and management of his/her assets.

Defi environment gave birth to decentralized banks and various projects in lending and borrowing, insurance, tokenization of assets, etc. and the popularity of decentralized exchanges is growing daily. Now when all the tools required are available and the DeFi ecosystem has enough liquidity, the market is ready to embrace DeXe.

Get ready to enjoy the benefits of capital management via social trading.

The product is currently being tested and 60 people are involved in this process. While the network is still closed from the public, any user, who wants to participate in the trial period, can join us and be among the first who tries the project. Feel free to leave your request, and we will contact you.



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Dexe Network is an ecosystem of tools that bring professional trading to DeFi