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On September 3rd, a 3-day online marathon dedicated to the development of the DeFi market started. Such events are popular among Asian companies. In general, the highest interest in the field of DeFi and the opportunities it opens up are seen in Asia.

This time the marathon is organized by CoinTelegraph (china) — an independent Internet media that covers the news of the Blockchain sphere. This portal has been a reliable source of credible and up-to-date information about the events taking place in the cryptocurrency market for 7 years.

Representatives of 58 projects take part in the marathon, including Dmitriy Kotliarov, co-founder at Dmitriy took part in a panel discussion with the founders of such projects as Definer, Akropolis, and others. There were discussing such issues as:

1. What assets can be used in DeFi pilot projects?

2. How does DeFi mortgage work?

3. What will happen to the traditional market with the appearance of cryptocurrencies and DeFi?

And other key issues regarding the prospects for the development of the DeFi scope of activity.

On September 3rd, the first day of the conference, Dmitry Kotlyarov took part in an AMA and shared his point of view about: “Bringing real assets to the DeFi market”.

This question was very relevant since Dexe.Network strives to bring innovation to the DeFi ecosystem by creating an online, decentralized, and autonomous cryptocurrency assets portfolio environment which operates via autonomous smart contract.

In his speech, he addressed the topics of wealth management, according to the DAO principle. And he spoke in detail about the revolutionary idea that formed the basis of — the idea of capital management through decentralized social trading.

Dmitry stated that there is no decentralized trading tool for asset management on the market that would allow users to copy transactions of professional traders without the participation of a third party. With the introduction of the DeFi system, users will be able to see transparent statistics and compare the profitability of each trader and invest in a completely decentralized manner, without the risk of funds theft.

Dmitry also spoke in more detail and presented how the ecosystem works and why it is so relevant in the current times:

“The system works in such a way that when a user wants to invest in the desired trader, he uses our autonomous smart contract and in exchange for his crypto asset receives a trader’s token, which has a backup copy and is equal to the value of the asset invested by the user.

The user can store this token in their wallet or move it between any other wallets. He will also be able to transfer or sell it to someone else by agreement. The trader, on the other hand, trades using the user’s real funds and increasing their volume. Upon expiration, or when the user needs to exchange and return his funds, he sends the token to the Dexe smart contract and receives his asset back, taking into account the profit that the trader earned. “- he said in his report.

We would like to remind you that is currently working in trial mode, and will be available in the nearest future.

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