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How to copy the best traders on the fly with Dexe?

Dexе Network is a decentralized social trading platform designed to copy the best traders' strategies. It’s a unique product creating a one-of-a-kind copy trading tool in the DeFi environment.

Our team has been developing this product since 2019 using all experience and industry standards of trading. During this time, we managed to reach a key goal — the creation of an easy-to-use product for decentralized copying of the best traders.

How does it work?

We have implemented 2 types of user’s experience.

1. When the user can simply copy the wallet via the DeXe interface on the platform.

2. When the user can check the statistics and rating, select the desired trader and through the DeXe network smart contract start copying.

The user doesn’t experience difficulties in both cases. He/She should only have a desktop or smartphone wallet (for example, MetaMask or Trust Wallet).

Let’s look at the second case in more detail. When the user invests in a DeXe smart contract, the system issues a token of this trader that is equal to the value of the invested assets by the user. In this case, the Trader trades with the user’s investments, on the other hand, the user has the trader’s token, which he can hold in his wallet, send to another address, donate, etc. The trader, after a certain period of time, increases the volume of traded funds so the user’s token value also increases. Voluntary, the user transfers this token to the DeXe smart contract and receives the asset and the profit earned by the trader in return.

DeFi lacks decentralized asset management

The DeFi ecosystem shows unheard-of growth rates. According to the Defi Pulse resources, at the moment, the volume of Locked USD in DeFi has increased more than ten times this past year to reach USD 7B. This environment gave birth to decentralized banks and various projects in lending and borrowing, insurance, tokenization of assets, etc. However, it is still lacking tools for decentralized capital management. Our DeXe Network is designed to fill this void with a decentralized social trading product. operates on the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) principles. It means that any user within this network fully controls all financial transactions going through a personal wallet. No third parties interfere in the process.

The necessity of such a secure and decentralized money management tool is undeniable. Dexe provides an opportunity for any user to invest safely in a decentralized environment, controlling risks and finances using just the his/hers wallet.

Ready to start, we need feedback

Our community will be composed of network members who will take important structural positions in the network as it grows and develops. To enjoy the Dexe project numerous opportunities, join our community, and be the first to hear our hottest news.

Dexe is already operating in a trial mode, and we’ll become public soon! Stay tuned!

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