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DeXe token sale. Participation rules

Total number of tokens: 100,000,000 DEXE

Allocated for sale — 5,000,000 DEXE (5% of the total supply)

Token name — DeXe

Ticker — DEXE

Token type — ERC20

Initial circulation after 22 rounds — from 2,000,000 to 6,000,000 DEXE (relies upon the quantity of tokens that will be sold or burned during the sale)

Accepted in USDC, USDT, and ETH

There is no min / max individual cap for rounds 2–22. Each participant will have the option to deposit the amount that he considers necessary. Toward the end of the round, all participants will receive tokens in proportion to their contribution, depending on the formed token price in this round.

Token price — formed by the first round, based on funding.

For instance, if the aggregate sum of funds gathered in the first round was $ 500,000, at that point we isolate this sum by the quantity of tokens allocated for the first round — 1,000,000, subsequently we get the base cost of the token $ 0.5

In each subsequent round, the price will depend on the occupancy of the round, it is calculated using the following formula:

The current purchase amount of DeXe tokens / (190476 * DeXe price on the decentralized exchange)

For instance, the 2nd round formed the $1 price of the token, which means that the total supply was $ 190,476, we divide this amount by 1,904,760 (at the current market value of the token $10, on DEX), we get 0.1 or 10 % completeness of the round.

Additionally, if the round is not completed, participants of the token sale will get DeXe tokens at a discount price from the current exchange price.

A possible discount rate is up to 10% and depends on the level of completeness of the round.

For example, if the round is 100% completed — 0% discount, if 75% — 2.5% discount, 50% — 5% discount, 25% — 7.5% discount and 0% — 10% discount.

What is more, completeness of the round also affects the amount of the Staking rewards for participants (for more details, see the article — DeXe Staking rewards)

Sale duration: 22 rounds, it lasts 22 days, where 1 round continues 24 hours.

The largest amount of tokens has been allocated for the first round — 1,000,000. For each ensuing round (2–22), 190,476 tokens will be allocated.

To purchase DeXe tokens you need:

1. Go to the “Еxplorer” page

2. Connect your wallet by clicking “Connect wallet”

3. Check the size of the allocation (for the 1st round)

4. Select the asset you want to allocate: ETH, USDT USDC

5. Fill in the amount you want to deposit

6. Click “Exchange”

7. And sign the transaction in MetaMask (the MetaMask pop-up window will show up on the screen)

At the end of the round, you will see the balance of the DeXe smart contract and the number of tokens available for withdrawal. From that point, you can claim and withdraw your funds.

You will likewise approach all relevant information on the token sale, in particular:

1. Ongoing round

2.% of the round completeness

3. Daily APY

4. The size of the discount for the purchase of tokens in the current round

5. The current value of the DEXE token on DEX

6. The price of 1 DEXE token in the current round

7. Total number of tokens

8. Circulation of tokens

9. Capitalization

Personal information

In this section, that you will see:

1. The round in which you purchased the first token

2. Average hold size

3. Number of days on hold

4. Your “Holding days” and “Farming allocations” ratio.

5. Staking rewards status (number of locked tokens; unlocked tokens; DEXE unlock volume in 24 hours)

We ask each member to familiarize it carefully. We’ll be glad to answer all your questions in our chats:

Official Telegram EN chat: @dexe_network_official_chat

Official Telegram RU chat: @DeXe_network_ru

Stay tuned for updates:


Official telegram channel:






DeXe team



-- or Dexe (Decentralized Social Trading Platform) — an online,  decentralized and autonomous cryptocurrency assets portfolio environment

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