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DeXe Token Sale Report

This is it. Our token sale is over. Congratulations to our community for participating — we are so proud of you! (And keep an eye out for your bonus tokens.)

As per our initial raise strategy, we commenced our sale of 5% of the total supply of DEXE tokens on September 28th, 2020. At the end of the 21 day daily auction period, a total of 1,504,209 DEXE tokens were purchased, culminating in a $1,896,911 raise. The average price over the 22 day period of the sale per DEXE came to $1.26. The remainder of the tokens from the auction (approximately 3,495,791 tokens) were subsequently burned. (see list of transactions below)

Participants in the DEXE token sale were also offered the opportunity to gain additional token rewards through our staking initiative throughout the duration of the sale. 10% of the total supply was offered for this purpose. Of the 10%, 3,973,142 DEXE have been distributed to those who chose to participate in the staking rewards offering. The remaining tokens that were locked forever in a smart contract, in which they will remain inaccessible forever.

After this initial burn from the token sale, the total supply of DEXE tokens now stands at 96,504,599 at this point in time. Further burns in the future decided by the DAO and initiated through platform fee collection may further reduce the total supply.

Thank you for supporting all 22 long rounds, 22 days, 22 unforgettable chapters in DeXe’s history — allowing us to give out some of the highest staking rewards in the history of token sales and funding the continued development of DeFi social trading.

What the official numbers say:

In the 22 rounds, participants purchased DeXe tokens in the amount of:

$ 1,896,911

Circulating Supply: 2,214,928 DEXE

Market Cap: $3,324,377

Tokens burned: 3,495,401 DEXE ($5,243,101 at current price):

Participants got bonuses:

1st Round:

X2 staking rewards: 413.63%

Basic staking rewards: 207.315%

2–22nd Round

X2 staking rewards: 165.85%

Basic staking rewards 82.9%

What’s next?

All participants of the token sale got the opportunity to participate in the High Farming Rewards Program (more here).

REMINDER: To confirm your participation in the HFR, you have to register on within 10 days from the launch of the DeXe platform.

DeXe tokens can be exchanged on Uniswap and MXC.

Right now, absolutely everyone can use the decentralized Wallet-to-Wallet copying tool — it’s free and is the first product from DeXe.

Stay tuned for updates:


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Official telegram EN chat:







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