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Farming rewards

After the launch of the platform, all DeXe token holders will be allowed to participate in the Farming rewards program.

All users who took part at the token sale stage and hold tokens will be able to enroll in the “high Farming rewards” program inside 10 days from the platform launch date (follow the updates on the website of and get expanded rewards for farming according to the terms of the program. Also, members who buy DeXe tokens upon the termination of this period will have the option to get just basic (not expanded) rewards, and only after the completion of the reward program for the participants of the sale.

How it works?

After the platform launch, from the benefit received by users, the smart contract will automatically charge a commission, a part will be charged for traders for providing copying services and managing their portfolios, and the subsequent part will be automatically purchased out on DEX and separated on three parts — one of it will be burned, second part will be distributed among the participants of the farming program (token holders) and the staying part will go to the DeXe insurance pool.

As should be obvious, 100% of the DeXe’ platform profit is distributed among all users.

Conditions for expanding Farmer’s rewards:

Every day at different times, we’ll take snapshots of DeXe holders’ wallets. The count of the average timeframe begins from the tokens purchasing and endures as long as the tokens are held. The settlement will be enlisted on the second day of the release of The enrolled number of tokens is divided by the average number of tokens held at the time of the first purchase and before the launch of the platform. Thus, we will get the difference between the final and average balance.

Graduation of expanding awards for farming, coefficient of “Holding days” and “Farming allocations”

From 100% - to 100.99% = coefficient x3

From 101% - to 124.99% = coefficient x4

From 125% - to 149.99% = coefficient x6

From 150% - to 174.99% = coefficient x9

From 175% - ∞ = coefficient x13

For instance: if for the entire period your token balance has increased to 1% (the distinction between the final and average balance), at that point you will get a coefficient x3:

x3 “Holding days” and x3 “Farming allocations”. So the rewards for farming will increment by three times, and installments will take three times more than the number of days in which you held the tokens.

All users who have a ratio of the total to average balance of more than 100% will also receive Farming rewards received from copy farming.

The period of getting expanded rewards for farming is determined in a next way: Dexe tokens hold days (from the day of the first purchase to release) multiplied by the “Holding days” and “Farming allocations” coefficient.

After the finish of the high Farming rewards program, any enrolled Dexe token holder will get regular Farming rewards without an increased coefficient.

To sum up, the most persistent DeXe token holders will get the most noteworthy farming rewards.

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