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DeXe community reward is the first link in the chain of awards from the DeXe Network.

(Updated 19.08.2020)

This is the ideal opportunity for our community members to showcase all their creative talents.

The very name of social trading suggests that collaboration and interaction in the community is a significant and essential part of life in the information technology age.

DeFi, blockchain, fintech, tokens and numerous different concepts are very well known to some community members and still deep water for others, to our great regret.

We could shoot dozens of training videos, write hundreds of educational articles on these topics, but we believe that our community is self-sufficient and generally the best in the world. Furthermore, it is you, those very experienced and most expert enthusiasts who will cope with this issue better than anyone else.

There rules are very simple:

1. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and join our Telegram group .

2. Create your video or text content. You need to include four key points: the main advantages of the platform, how it works, what opportunities it offers to traders and their followers, how DeXe token sale works.

3.Upload your video to Youtube, share it in your social networks / Publish your text content at Medium.

4. Share your video in the Telegram group and provide a short introduction about your video. / Share your article’ link in Telegram group.

5. Resend links to our official email

Please, use English language.

P.S. If you are not so confident in your English level, but have a desire to create high

quality content in your native language — we will be happy about it.

These materials will be extremely important for the community and will help everybody more than once.

What’s more, obviously we will encourage the most commendable participants with worthy rewards.

Absolutely everyone can take part.

There will be 2 categories in total, in each we will reward participants whose work will be highly appreciated and chosen by our community. There will be:

1st place — $1500

2nd place — $750

3rd place — $400

4th place — $200

5–10th places — $50

1st place — $700

2nd place — $350

3rd place — $200

4th place — $100

5–10th places — $30

On the side, we will encourage the most extraordinary creativity by allocating with $500 for participation in the first round of DeXe token sale.

We will also reward separately for the best meme about $200 reward will be divided among 10 participants for the best memes.

The reward will be paid in DEXE tokens at the exchange rate upon the finish day of the competition.

The community competition will start on September 21, 2020 and run until 23:59:59 (UTC) September 28, 2020.

Yes, of course, we will choose the winners together through transparent voting.

At long last, we might want to advise you that:

We love creativity

We love interesting and laconic

We don’t like plagiarism.

Good luck everyone, we are looking forward to your work!

We are in touch:


Official telegram channel:

Official telegram EN chat:







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