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What is the difference between DeXe Farming Rewards and High Farming rewards?

Participation rules.

After the launch of the main DeXe network product, all DeXe token holders will be allowed to participate in Farming rewards — receiving rewards for farming.

Unlike Staking rewards, Farming rewards will be distributed from funds received from the platform’s income.

During trading, DeXe users pay a commission set by a trader (from 20% to 70%), where 1/3 will be charged by the DeXe smart contract. The smart contract will automatically redeem DeXe tokens from DEX and split them into three equal parts:

  • 1st part of tokens — will be burned
  • 2nd part of tokens — will be moved to the DeXe insurance pool (More details can be found “HERE”)
  • And the 3rd part is DeXe platform’s net income and it will be distributed among all Farming participants (users who keep tokens on wallets connected to the platform).

High Farming rewards program (HFM)

Each participant of DeXe token sale will be able to register for the High Farming rewards program on the platform within 10 days after the release of DeXe main product.

Attention! The high Farming rewards program will be available only to members of the token sale. Users who purchased tokens after the 22nd round end will be able to take part in Basic Farming without increased rewards.

During Basic Farming, there is no coefficient, and the profit received by the platform will be divided between the Farming program participants in proportion to the number of held tokens.

To make clear how the High Farming rewards will be distributed, you can look at the formulas below that are used in the calculation of the “High Farming rewards”.

There are only three parameters In “High Farming rewards” that determine the coefficient of “Holding days” and “Farming allocations”, & ranging from x3 to x13:

1. Hold days

2. Weighted average balance of tokens.

3. The final balance of tokens

1. Hold days are the number of days of keeping DeXe tokens on the balance of the user from the moment of purchase during the sale until the second day of the product release (the first day inclusive).

This factor is one of the most important in the program. The number of high Farming rewards participants is limited and each of them will have a different hold period, and, accordingly, a different “Holding days” and “Farming allocations” coefficient.

This coefficient will multiply days of hold, so, the longer is the period of holding DeXe tokens, the longer participants will receive payments with an increased coefficient.


In the case, the user’s token hold period is 45 days, and his “Holding days” and “Farming allocations” ratio is x13, then we get:

45 days * 13 = 585 days or more than 1.5 years — it is the period during which the user will be awarded for Farming with a coefficient of x13.С

2. Weighted average balance of DeXe tokens — it is the number of tokens held during DeXe token sale period.

The weighted average balance is calculated according to the formula:

((number of tokens on balance * days of holding) + (number of tokens on balance * days of holding) + (number of tokens on balance * days of holding) …… + (number of tokens on balance * days of holding)) / total amount days of hold = weighted average balance.


100 DeXe tokens were purchased in the 1st round, 50 tokens were purchased in the second round, 150 tokens were purchased in the 3rd round and 100 tokens were purchased in the 11th round. In the case when the participant of the DeXe token sale held tokens on the balance for 11 days in a row, we have the next calculations:

((100 * 10) + (50 * 9) + (150 * 8) + (100 * 1) /11 = 277.273 tokens (Average weighted balance of tokens)

3. The final Token balance — is the number of DeXe tokens registered on the user’s balance at the time of calculation (the calculation will be made on the second day after the release of DeXe product, snapshots will be taken).


The final user balance is 300 tokens.

The “Holding days” and “Farming allocations” coefficient is determined by the ratio of the total and weighted average balance:

(Final balance / weighted average) * 100 = “Holding days” and “Farming allocations” coefficients


Following the examples above, let’s say our weighted average balance is 277,273, and the final is 300 tokens.

(300 / 277,273) * 100 = 108.2%, and according to the table below this is a coefficient of x4.

(picture or table of coefficients)

The “Holding days” and “Farming allocations” coefficients determine the duration of awarding and the expansion in rewards.


Let’s say there are 3 participants of the “high Farming rewards” program and 1,000 DEXE — the platform’s daily income:

1) 1st participant has a final balance of 100 DEXE and 10 days of hold with a coefficient of x3:

100 * 3 = 300 DEXE

10 days * 3 = 30 days of awarding

2) 2nd participant has a final balance of 1000 DEXE and 30 days of hold with a coefficient of x13:

1000 * 13 = 13000 DEXE

30 days * 13 = 390 awarding days

3) The 3rd participant has a final balance of 50 DEXE and 50 days of hold with a coefficient of x6:

50 * 6 = 300 DEXE

50 days * 6 = 300 awarding days

Now we have to calculate the share of each participant. For this, the balance of each of the participants we have to divide by the sum of all balances:

  1. 300 / (300 + 13000 + 300) = 0.022 or 2,2%
  2. 13000 / (300 + 13000 + 300) = 0.955 or 95%
  3. 300 / (300 + 13000 + 300) = 0.022 or 2,2%

After this, we take the platform’s daily income (in our example, this is 1,000 DEXE) and multiply it (one by one) by % of each, so we get our Farming awarding amount:

1) 1st participant will receive: 1,000 * 0.022 = 22 DEXE per day for 30 days

2) 2nd participant: 1000 * 0.955 = 955 DEXE per day for 390 days

3) 3rd participant: 1000 * 0.022 = 22 DEXE per day for 300 days

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to chat with us in the telegram chat (hyperlink to the chat). And please, before asking questions about formulas and coefficients, visit the Explorer’s page, where all this data is calculated automatically for your convenience.

Website | TG Announcements | TG chat | FAQ | Sale page


Q: Can I transfer my DeXe tokens after a product release?

A: Yes, you can transfer your DeXe tokens, just keep in mind that expanded rewards for Farming depend on the number of tokens that are held on your wallet, linked to the platform. Accordingly, the fewer tokens, the lower Farming rewards.

Q: If after the product release I buy more DeXe tokens and transfer them to the wallet can it change the number of rewards?

A: Your rewards will be changed in proportion to the number of tokens held on your wallet in accordance with your ratio. The coefficient itself will not change it in this case.

Q: If I have a coefficient — will I get more tokens after the sale?

A: The coefficient allows you to increase the rewards received during the farming process, and the amount of rewards depends on the number of tokens that you keep on the wallet connected to the platform.

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