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Blockchain and the Energy Future

“Communications, the Internet and Clean Technologies have brought us a New Model that will totally change the way we Generate and Consume Electricity”

It is updated in real time the surplus of available renewable energy stored or the one to be injected into the network in the next 12 hrs. and its price.
Through a Smart Contract the energy trading agreement and the transaction between the parties are regulated. All the interactions and transactions carried out by each of the participants are registered in a secure and transparent way in the system.
All consumers and producers of electricity and other devices, will be connected through smart grids and/or microgrids that will connect centralized renewable generation systems, distributed, batteries, charging system, among other systems, at a minimum cost and without the need to sacrifice reliability.

“BlockChain is a technology that can help to de-carbonize the economy of each and every member of the global community and create a new decentralized, sustainable, efficient, connected, integrated and collaborative model as promoted through the Project ZEROCO2 and Dexentralize, which will generate great benefits for all and especially for the Planet”.




Using the power of blockchain, dexentralize will develop a new platform that will integrate companies, organizations and millions of people in the contruction of new decentralized energy model that will change the way we generate, consume and share electricity.

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