Blockchain and the Energy Future

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3 min readJul 3, 2018


“Communications, the Internet and Clean Technologies have brought us a New Model that will totally change the way we Generate and Consume Electricity”

In this paradigm shift in the energy sector, BlockChain technology will play a fundamental role in the transformation process to a new model dominated by “Prosumers”

The innovation and development of new technologies such as battery, smart meters, smart grids and the reduction of prices of renewable energies, have opened a way to the development of a new energy market, where traditional “Consumers” become producers of energy “Prosumers”. These advances, together with the implementation of the “BlockChain” technology, would allow this new agent of the global economy to share or sell its renewable energy surplus to other “Consumers” members of their community (who do not have the infrastructure or capacity to invest to install its own plant), through a trading agreement (Smart Contract), safe, with low transaction costs (without intermediaries, without banks and others) and fully automated.

It is updated in real time the surplus of available renewable energy stored or the one to be injected into the network in the next 12 hrs. and its price.

These contracts, their interactions and transactions can be verified by anyone from anywhere in the world with access to the Internet, which guarantees transparency and trust in the system and the transactions that are carried out.

Through a Smart Contract the energy trading agreement and the transaction between the parties are regulated. All the interactions and transactions carried out by each of the participants are registered in a secure and transparent way in the system.

In addition to transactions with other energy consumers, BlockChain technology can help “prosumers” sell their surpluses to the network, generating a benefit to the family economy.

These are just some of the possible applications and benefits that this technology offers in the energy sector. There is still much to explore, but the change of the current model characterized among others by large power plants that transmit energy long distances to consumption points, is inevitable. This model will give way to decentralized and distributed generation systems that will also bring important benefits to the electrical system as a whole, making it more robust, stable and safe.

All consumers and producers of electricity and other devices, will be connected through smart grids and/or microgrids that will connect centralized renewable generation systems, distributed, batteries, charging system, among other systems, at a minimum cost and without the need to sacrifice reliability.

BlockChain will provide all people and members of the community with a safe, reliable, transparent and fast connection, communication and interaction, essential if we want to save the planet and build a Zero Carbon Economy. Through the implementation of this technology, the full potential of Renewable Energies and the productive capacity of billions of people throughout the world will be released.

“BlockChain is a technology that can help to de-carbonize the economy of each and every member of the global community and create a new decentralized, sustainable, efficient, connected, integrated and collaborative model as promoted through the Project ZEROCO2 and Dexentralize, which will generate great benefits for all and especially for the Planet”.

Without a doubt, there are multiple applications for this technology that can help us to “Change Our Lives”.


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