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The Dexible Team Heads to Consensus Austin

Who’s going from the team and how we’re throwing down

The Dexible team is very excited to be attending Coindesk Consensus in Austin next week. Five representatives from the Dexible team will be in town.

Dexible has proudly sponsored crypto activity before in the city with both ATX DAO and DeFi Austin. Dexible has sponsored ATX DAO events and DeFi Austin events this year. We share some of those highlights below:

The DeFi Austin Innaugural Event
A presentation from the DeFi Austin event at Green Light Social
The ATX DAO Genesis NFT Mint Party
Photos from the ATX DAO party at Shakespeare’s

“Dexible is proud to help foster the exploding Austin crypto scene. Our team believes that ATX DAO’s success can encourage wider DAO Adoption while serving as the focal point for crypto literacy in Texas. Sponsoring their events feels like being part of history.”

Consensus brings together five representatives of the team:

  1. Andrew Tutia — Blockchain Engineer
  2. Jake Tantleff — Director of Sales
  3. Casie Felbaum — BD Specialist
  4. Michael Coon — Cofounder
  5. Mitchell Opatowsky — Cofounder

As with most crypto conferences, there are several major events coming up and our calendars are booked. The Dexible team will be present at the conference itself, come check out Booth #431!

On June 9th, from 8:00pm — 12:00am CDT, Dexible is cosponsoring an invite-only party with the Credmark, TheTie, Steady State, and Debt DAOs teams.

On June 11th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm CDT, Dexible is hosting its own Consensus Rodeo Reception. Email the team to gain password access. We’d love to see you there!

Come find us in person. We have Alpha for you 😉

- Mitchell



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