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Observe IndexedDB with Dexie 3.2

It’s been out in beta for almost a year now — the new reactivity feature in Dexie.js that integrates nicely with frontend frameworks. After being out in the wild and bug fixed, it’s at last released in a new stable release dexie@3.2.0.

The web site is updated with new tutorials for React, Svelte, Vue and Angular.

What’s coming up in Dexie 4.0

Dexie 4.0 branch is already started. The plan is to finally have support for arbritary mongodb-like queries, ordered result on arbritary fields or combination of fields as well as a built-in caching and paging. I’m also looking into how we can support React Suspense.

Dexie Cloud

The work on Dexie Cloud is going on in parallel. A big rewrite of the server part has been made and we’re close to releasing a middle version with support for access control and shared Realms. We’ve also improved the access control model so that any object can act as a Realm (a placeholder for sharing and access control). Next step is to release the new version of the service within a few weeks, together with an updated ToDo-list sample app where it’s possible to share lists with people. We will also put the sample in an online editing platform such as CodeSandbox or Stackblitz so that anyone can start playing around with it more easily.




Sharing news, ideas and road maps for Dexie.js

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David Fahlander

David Fahlander

Author of Dexie.js. Passionate about simplifying app development. Javascript. Isomorphic app, data fetching and React.

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