Oct 31, 2018 · 3 min read

The crypto world sometimes calls for transparency. At Dexlab we are working on that as well.

At Dexlab we truly aim at providing our users with an easy to use and secure integrated financial solution for the new world.

We fully believe in the breakthrough represented by the blockchain, yet recognise that often users have no way to technically assess the smart contracts behind a specific token, to truly build the trustless experience only the blockchain can provide.

In order to do so, we’ll be kicking off soon our Verified Token Program, available for all tokens listed on our DexWallet.

What’s the Verified Token Program?

Easy. We offer all teams behind an ERC20 token the chance to list their token on our DexWallet and have their smart contracts professionally assessed, as a further guarantee for all users that will decide to interact with their token.

What’s great about that?

All Users will immediately recognise they are dealing with a token whose smart contracts are secure! How will they realise so?

Here some of the exclusive features only Verified Tokens will have:

  • Verified Badge: Verified Tokens will feature the exclusive Verified Badge, to maximise visibility making them stand out of the peers.
  • Search Autocomplete: During Search, Verified Tokens will be shown as a suggestion on the search field.
  • Token Info: By clicking on the info icon, only Verified Tokens will link to a full Token Detail Page
  • Media & Press: We will promote Verified Tokens throughout the Dexlab ecosystem, on our website, Social Channels & Newsletter.
  • Deeper Integration: We’ll offer some Deeper Integration options that will allow the DexWallet to interact directly with Verified Tokens’ smart contracts
  • Instant Exchange: Users will be able to Buy & Sell Verified Tokens directly inside the Instant Trade* functionality of the DexWallet (*future release)
  • DexEx Token Trade: Users will be able to Trade Verified Tokens inside our Decentralized exchange* (*future release, according to network support availability).

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About Dexlab

Dexlab is an open source infrastructure with an array of added value financial technology services to foster global adoption of cryptocurrencies while preserving the original cypherpunk, decentralized ethos.

We are an international group of developers and designers, working to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology by shipping great products.

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The #DeFi Wallet for the Open Financial System. Investing, Exchange, Lending, Insurance for individuals and commerce.


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The #DeFi Wallet for the Open Financial System. Investing, Exchange, Lending, Insurance for individuals and commerce.

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