DexWallet New UI + Several Cool Features

With the last release, DexWallet users will notice major changes in style and usability of the app.

The new UI isn’t just pretty but also includes a number of awesome features. Here’s what’s coming, in detail.

User Interface & Branding

We are completely changing the UI and Style of the Wallet. First major elements are already rolling out and you will immediately notice an overall improved usability as well as a fresh look.

Wallets Management with Cards

By opening the list of wallets (we’re already supporting Ethereum, Ubiq, xDai, POA, Ethereum Classic and counting) the user will access to a list where every network/wallet is represented by a card. This is using a credit card as a metaphor in order to boost adoption.

New Asset Management

By clicking on one of the card the user can open one specific wallet and easily access to the related tokens and transaction list.

Token Detail View with Info & Dedicated Transaction List

In the same way it is possible to access a specific token page that will display more Info and news about the token, price charts and white-papers, as well as a dedicated transaction list that it’s all the time visibly thanks to a new tab navigation.

Free Ens Claim for [dexname.eth] subdomains

By giving a human readable address to everyone we are lowering the friction to use crypto payments and dApps. This is only the beginning we are building so much more based on ENS. Claim your favourite name today! First come first serve!

xDai Support

Support for xDAI it’s a big deal. You get extremely fast block time, fees for transactions are directly charged in DAI so you don’t have to worry about gas. And hey, we are the only mobile wallet with so far.

Ethereum Classic Support

We always liked ETC (they also just released a re-branding and it’s awesome) and we are proud to have it already among our supported networks.

DexWallet is part of the effort we are delivering to foster the adoption of the decentralized economy around the world.

We’re looking forward to keeping our community updated as we continue to build the tools that we all deserve.

Join us in this journey 👉

About Dexlab

is an open source infrastructure with an array of added value financial technology services to foster global adoption of cryptocurrencies while preserving the original cypherpunk, decentralized ethos.

We are an international group of developers and designers, working to accelerate the adoption of the blockchain technology by shipping great products.

The #DeFi Wallet for the Open Financial System. Investing, Exchange, Lending, Insurance for individuals and commerce.

Nicola Di Marco

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Founder & Designer DexWallet • Member of InVision Design Leadership Forum • Formerly: AmorelieDE RocketBerlin LQID Mosaicoonspa

The #DeFi Wallet for the Open Financial System. Investing, Exchange, Lending, Insurance for individuals and commerce.