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How to import your Metamask account into DexWallet

A visual tutorial for easy importing.

Last week we announced DexWallet, the first of the many products of the Dexlab ecosystem. In this short tutorial we are going to explain how to import an existing Metamask account to the DexWallet app. Just follow these simple step-by-step instructions

Step 1: Retrieve your mnemonic words from Metamask

Dexwallet allows users to import HD wallets generated elsewhere. In this first tutorial we are focusing on Metamask. The importing process is very similar with other providers, and we’ll show them in future tutorial.

  • Open your Metamask app and login as usual. Make sure to never share your password with anyone.
  • After logging in, you are redirected to your main menu, with all your ethers and tokens. In the screenshot a new, and therefore empty, account is used.
  • Click on the round colored button on the top right and then on settings.
  • Here you should scroll down and see a red button “REVEAL SEED WORDS” that allows you to access to your seed (or mnemonic) words.
  • As a security measure, Metamask asks you to insert your password again.
  • The 12 words displayed are your mnemonic words.
  • Save these words, we’ll need them in a moment. It’s really important that you never share, under any circumstance, these words with anyone. If someone has access to the words, he has also the power to steal all your assets. Write them down on paper, and never save them on your phone or on cloud services, as they could be stolen/hacked respectively.

Step 2: Import your account in DexWallet

Now, we just need to import these words on the DexWallet app.

  • When you open the app for the first time, two choices are available: Recover a wallet, or create a new one.
  • Tap on Recover wallet redirects you to the PIN creation menu. We ask you to insert you PIN code twice to be sure that no mistakes are done. As an extra security measure, the code is saved locally on your device and we can’t access it. Be sure to remember the code, as it will be asked every time you open the app.
  • After the PIN creation you can insert the words we saved a moment ago. Be sure to spell every word right, to leave just one space between words and to not capitalize them.
  • Tap on Import button and that’s it, you account is now ready!
  • As you can see, all your transactions and token are automatically updated and the balance gives you an estimate of the value your ether holdings.

Private key and mnemonic words management.

At Dexlab we believe that the future of the cryptocurrency world is sustained by two pillars: privacy and power to the users. That’s why DexWallet is a non custodial wallet. That means you always have the ability to access your private key or mnemonic words.

Tapping on the menu ‘Your Private Key’ on the main menu, you are redirected to the related menu. Here you can see your Private Key and Mnemonic Words.

As you can see the key is hidden on first opening. Just be sure to be away from prying eyes.

Tapping on “Backup Mnemonic” allows you to access your twelve secret words.

That’s it for now, more tutorial on all the features of the app will be posted soon.

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