Welcome Native Kyber dApp on DexWallet

A true one-click experience for swapping ERC20 Tokens without leaving your DexWallet

Recently we chose to adopt a different approach than dApps browsers and we released our first version of Native Mobile dApp Store on DexWallet.

In this way users are just a few clicks away to their dApps, they will have a delightful and consistent experience without ever leaving the wallet. This approach has many advantages. Among the others:

Security: as opposed to browsers, with native dApps users won’t be exposed to pishing and DNS attacks

User Experience: interfaces of various dApps are fragmented and incoherent on browsers. We decided to take our UX a step further and optimize every feature on our browser, maintaining the easy-to-use DexWallet UI.

Exchanging tokens is one of the most important features of our wallet. We want our user to be able to swap with ease each time they see a good opportunity to invest or they need a specific token to access a service or make a payment.

This video has a BG music!

In this regard, this integrates strategically with Dexpay. The core of the Point of Sale is, in fact, accepting ETH and ERC20 tokens and converting them to DAI Stablecoin so merchants won’t have to worry about volatility.

We are supporting over 70 tokens and the feature is already available for beta tester (write us if you want to become one!) and will be officially released soon on the App Store.

If you have ideas, questions, feedback or you’re simply curious, join our Discord, telegram or send us an email.

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