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AMA Summary with Winerz

Gm Dexlab community, 😊

The AMA with the marketing manager of Winerz was held on the Dexlab Telegram group yesterday, and I would like to give a summary on the Medium.

On June 27th, 2022, Winerz launched a groundbreaking blockchain technology-based platform, that turns any game into a Play-To-Earn experience where players can compete on multi-player & earn $WNZ.

To celebrate this big opening event, Dexlab held an AMA session with communities by collecting the 6 pre-selected questions & 4 on-site selected questions. $20 of $WNZ tokens were also awarded to the chosen questions! 😍

An unexpectedly large number of people participated, and we were able to finish our first AMA very successfully. Thanks again to the Dexlab community! 👍

[ Introduction ]

Alicia: Winerz’s marketing manager Ago Rootsma joined here for the AMA session. Hi, Ago! Please introduce yourself shortly.

Rootsma Ago: Hi everyone! Nice to be here. So I am the marketing manager of Winerz. Been working on the project before we switched to the blockchain. Mainly managing the promotional part of Winerz and strategizing. Thanks for having me.

Alicia: Great! Thanks for joining Dexlab AMA! HaHaHa, I’m excited to hear about Winerz’s new platform in detail! Now, let’s do a pre-selected Q&A session submitted by the community in advance. You ready Ago?

Rootsma Ago: Let’s go!

[ 6 Pre-selected QnA ]

Question 1, Does Winerz have a game of their own?

Rootsma Ago: No, we don’t have our own game, the Winerz game will be a project on its own in later future, and it's not the main focus of the project. We are featuring popular mainstream competitive games, by just adding a betting system on top of it, to make it more fun and bring the adrenaline.

Question 2: How do we earn $WNZ from playing games on steam? do we need to connect the Steam account to Winerz?

Rootsma Ago: The Steam integration is not yet done, in near future, we will integrate Steam, so the 1v1 competitive gameplays can be added straight from Steam to Winerz. Good question.

Question 3, Will Multiple Player Mode be available on the Winerz gaming platform so I can play with friends? What kind of in-game mechanics will be suitable for the game?

Rootsma Ago: Multiple Player mode needs more work, of course, we are working hard to bring this mode to reality. The main issue with team play mode is the timing between all the players — it's more complicated for us to guarantee safe gameplay for everyone. Although, every obstacle has a way, but first things first. The tournament mode will be activated soon, after that we will work on adding more games and the multiple-player mode. There is a lot to add, to make it cover every option a gamer has.

Question 4, What makes Winerz unique from the rest of the P2E platforms?

Rootsma Ago: We are not creating a game ourselves, and not a community who would specifically play our game. We are using the existing audience of popular games, which makes more sense because people are already playing these games (like FIFA, NBA2k, etc…) so we don’t have to “sell” a game to people, but just the extra factor they can use, to utilize their skills for money or just add a fun factor to it.

Question 5, What is the minimum number of $WNZ tokens required to play the FIFA 22 game?

Rootsma Ago: 275 $WNZ tokens for now. The amount will be changing as the price changes. You can choose between your selected amount.

Question 6, is The last question. How safe is this project?

Rootsma Ago: As we switched from web2 to web3, we are using blockchain technology to secure all transactions. So every transaction is public and trackable. Solana network is providing all the security to it. For cash players, we have a partnership with, so they will guarantee that all the cash transactions are legitimate, secure, and fair. Got to have the security 🔒

Alicia: Thank you for the elaborated and specific answers Ago! Good questions from the community! 👍 It seems communities got decorated insight of the Winerz’s new platform.

[ 4 On-site QnA ]

Alicia: Ago feels free to select 4 questions from the communities and answer them. Take your time!

  1. Bear cycle. In a bear run where most of the projects fail and sometimes go into oblivion, how will your project stand the test of time?
    What strategies do the project employ to mitigate possible losses?

Rootsma Ago: We are focused on 2 things: the crypto community and the gamer community. If crypto is at a bear cycle, the people aren’t very hyped and mostly scared of entering with an investment. In these times we put more effort on gamers, to show the opportunity to gamers, who haven't had contact with crypto and see this as an understandable investment, as they can play on it, it gets bigger, we add more games, etc… So as the community grows, the price of the token and user base grow as well.

2. What is the next most important update from Winerz in the next quarter?

Rootsma Ago: There is more than 1 thing, we are excited about.
- We are launching our own mobile app, which means with 3 clicks, you are connected to an opponent and ready to play.
- We will announce world-known celebrities, who will be the face of Winerz and promote it with their BIIIG following.
Keep your eyes on us, we are bout to land on the moon…

3. Can you list the features that your project has and other similar projects don’t and can you convince me to invest in your project as compared to others that are similar to yours?

Rootsma Ago: Convincing — Easy.
In the world, there are about 3 billion people who are playing games daily, which means the potential is huge.
We have developed Winerz API, which means we can integrate any game to our betting system very easily, so we can add this add-on to any competitive game on mobile, PC, consoles, etc…
The market potential for this is huge.
Imagine in a few months, you can play 8 Ball pool on your phone, against a friend, for 200 $WNZ. It will be addictive to see, who has the best skills.
Other P2E projects mainly focus on their own game, which isn't always that fun, and mainly focuses on earning money, which is good, but how can you scale it?

4. What was the biggest milestone your project has? What is a plan for the future?

Rootsma Ago: The biggest milestones were the launch of the token and the launch of the platform.
The plan is to expand so far that every P2E enthusiast and every gamer knows about Winerz.
The goal would be that gamers could earn their income just by utilizing their skills 😉

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