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🔮 Dexlab Announces 2022 Roadmap

Greeting Dexlab community! We are here to provide Dexlab 2022 Roadmap! 🏆

We know the community is eager to know about Dexlab’s future plan and have been waiting for the 2022 Roadmap.

And now, it’s here! 🥳 The Roadmap image briefly shows the milestones of the upcoming year. The most anticipated milestone of the community and also, Dexlab team, might be Dexlab’s wallet service launching and Dexlab’s mobile application. Details of the Roadmap will be described as follows. Let’s check it together here.

Q1=Quarter 1 (January — March)

Q2=Quarter 2 (April — June)

Q3=Quarter 3 (July — September)

Q4=Quarter 4 (October — December)

POOL (Dexlab’s own pool/swap open)

  • [Q1] We will have our own Dexlab pool with our own TVL (Total Value Locked).


  • [Q1] Basically aggregator-type SWAP service will be provided.
  • [Q1] If there is a Dexlab Pool, will prioritize its use, if not, Serum orderbook based SWAP will be provided.
  • [Q1] Will add more various DEX Pool to utilize.

Dexlab Wallet Launch

  • [Q1] Show wallet balance.
  • [Q2] Wormhole token transfer function integration.
  • [Q2] Average price of your token will be provided based on trade transaction result. Transaction history will be provided.
  • [Q2~Q3] Dexlab Mobile Wallet service will be launched.

Dexlab Trade Mobile App

  • [Q1] Release beta test to selected beta testers.

Minting Lab maintenance and function expansion

  • [Q3] Expand token managing system with your own wallet.

Dexlab Payment

Decentralized based payment service will be launched that can manage buy/sell with Dexlab.

  • [Q4] Dexlab payment service(store manager, sales history, purchase history, etc will be provided).

Dexlab Integrated Platform (New V2 Design)

  • All of Dexlab’s services (except wallet) will be integrated into ONE site.
  • Will begin with ‘Swap/Pool’ services and will be integrated sequentially.

As you can see above the plans, Dexlab team knows where to head up in the right direction. We are desperate to show what we have been prepared for Dexlab community in 2022!

Thank you for keeping up with Dexlab and appreciate the community’s overwhelming support.

Stay tuned❗️❗️ 🚀



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