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As previously announced, on January 10th our Staking program will go live on Dexlab. We are delighted to clarify the details of our Staking program. Here is an easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide for everyone!

First and foremost, as we always set our mind to be a community-driven project, we have prepared various benefits for staking pool users. The details are as follows:

  • APY during staking

-APY will differ every month. Rewards will be paid in relation to the fees that incurred in Dexlab.

-Staking rewards will be paid weekly. (If you cancel staking before compensation, compensation will not be paid.)

-Staking is carried seasonally, and benefits for each season may vary also.

  • Guaranteed airdrop event allocation (100%)

-There will be different types of airdrops, from even airdrop amounts or varied amounts according to the staking quantity of the user.

  • Dexlab IDO Ranking Pool Participation Ticket

-If you are in the ranking according to the staked quantity, you will get a guaranteed part in IDO sales depending on your ranking. It follows the existing ranking system. If you do not stake, you will not be included in the ranking.

  • Increase the chance of Dexlab IDO sale Standard pool

-If you did not stake DXL but participated in a standard pool, one ticket will be given. However, if you stake your DXL, you will get 1 ticket per 100 DXL. The winning rate increases with the number of tickets you have.

  • Pre-test privilege
  • Dexlab will draw a pre-test privilege lottery ticket for new services in the future. You never know what’s to come.

For all staking participation benefits, only the actual staked amount is recognized, and Pending and Available are excluded!! Only counts the staking tokens.

Then, how do we start the staking? and how does it works?

We have made a specific tutorial here. Please read carefully and follow!

💬 [ Create staking wallet → Deposit DXL → Stake DXL ]

Dexlab staking uses a novel concept, which is called ‘pool token.’ 1 pool token represents 100 DXL, and the staking is based on the number of pool tokens. As such, staking is available in units of 100 DXL. For example, if you have 3,550 DXL, you only can stake 3,500 DXL, which represents 35 pool tokens.

Create staking wallet

Click create above the window.

You need at least 0.02 SOL for fee.

Deposit DXL

You can see your own staking pool is created.

First, you need to deposit DXL from your wallet to the staking pool.

Click deposit and decide how many DXL you like to stake.

100 DXL is deposited in the staking pool as shown in ‘available.’

Stake DXL

Click on ‘STAKE’ above the window.

In this test pool (example), 1 pool token is equal to 10 DXL.

Therefore, 100 DXL equals 10 pool tokens here.

Enter the number of pool tokens that you want to stake and click ‘STAKE DXL.’

You can check you have staked 100 DXL (10 pool tokens) in ‘ME’ section.

Where to get rewards? How to unstake DXL?

Rewards claiming

Staking rewards are paid monthly and paid on the 1st of every month at 04:00 UTC. (If you cancel staking before compensation, compensation will not be paid).

You can claim your rewards on the ‘REWARDS’ section above the page.

Click on ‘HARVEST’ to get rewards.


The lockup period is 7 days from you unstaked.

You can unstake your DXL on the ‘STAKE’ section.

Enter the number of pool tokens that you want to unstake.

After 7 days of the lockup period, on the right top corner of the page, you can see the ‘CLAIM’ button to get your unstaked quantity.

After clicking on the ‘CLAIM’ button, the ‘Claim Complete’ sign will appear.

You can check your unstaked quantity on ‘available’ now.

To deposit your unstaked DXL to your own SPL wallet, you need to withdraw it from the staking wallet.

Click the ‘WITHDRAW’ button on the right top corner of the page and withdraw it.

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Dexlab makes launching on Solana easy with a token minting lab, a launchpad and a dedicated DEX for all listings.

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