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Dear Dexlab community,

It has been a month since the new year started. Dexlab planned to disclose the 2023 version of the roadmap but it is a bit delayed because we are preparing for the platform updates, token utility, and clear direction that Dexlab needs to go forward to. Apology for the delay and you may meet the new roadmap soon. We know everyone is waiting, so I’ll try to let you know as soon as possible. Dexlab is alive and well and constantly updating the product, so don’t be fooled by FUD.

  1. When will the roadmap be released?
  • We are fully aware of the questions, so please wait as we are preparing to reveal them as soon as possible.

2. Why are there no product updates?

  • In regards to product updates, we have recently added several new functions, such as limit order, through close collaboration with Jupiter and others. Our team is also actively developing additional products to enhance the platform.

3. When is the Wallet service going to launch?

  • Regarding the wallet, we are putting extra effort into creating a unique wallet that stands out in the Solana ecosystem. Although this process is taking longer than expected, we are working on the foundation first to provide the best experience for our users.

4. Will DXL staking not be accepted again?

  • Lastly, regarding DXL staking, we are still in the process of preparing and considering options to link it with straightforward token utility. The release of the staking function may be delayed, but rest assured that we are working towards providing the best possible solution for our community.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Best regards,

The Dexlab Team.

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