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7 min readSep 30, 2022


GM Dexlab community!

Although the bear market makes everything hardcore here, the enormity of Web3.0 services cast a positive light on the blockchain ecosystem these days. Not only the anecdotal evidence of this trend but also the practical statistics shows the sufficient measure of the Web3.0 tidal wave. As some of the Dexlab users predicted through recent Dexlab Tweets, Dexlab is holding a Web3.0 project whitelist next week.

WalkMining is a Web3.0 Healthfi and Fitnessfi Move to Earn (M2E) service where users can earn tokens just by walking. WalkMining is recruiting the Alpha tester as the opening act for their project, with the Dexlab launchpad. This act is a new practice for Dexlab because it is the first time of doing recruiting users via launchpad, which we hope to bump up the hype in a very crowded M2E marketplace.

So, let’s dive into the WalkMining project and feel their energy radiating from the Web3.0 M2E project.

What is Walkmining?

WalkMining is a blockchain reward-based M2E service that can mine tokens just by walking. Users can mine, withdraw, and SWAP $WKM (WalkMining token) in built-in functions with their own ‘Energy.’ Also, to increase mining efficiency, users can design their own ‘World’ by placing NFTs or can synthesize ‘Avatar’ to get a more efficient Avatar. WalkMining incentivizes users by allowing them to mine tokens by simply counting their steps. Without any complicated steps, enabling users to mine tokens from within the app can convince users to be completely fascinated by the service.

Their goals?

While the Web3.0 service has grown immensely in the past few months, they thought they are still early in the evolution of the M2E service. However, since various M2E services have undergone some challenges with the general bad conception in that only early investors make money, they thought this new M2E service, WalkMining should build up the firm business model indispensable which will be the service’s core pillar. WalkMining’s business model casts a positive view of the M2E service. It is not only profitable by itself but also turns a profit to users because advertising viewing and advertising cost become a medium for each other. WalkMining will continuously urge users to take sustainable practices, thereby helping users not only feel healthy within the Web3.0 service but also feel fully embedded within the profit structure. Moreover, in terms of business, WalkMining will make an effort to fortify our service’s competitiveness and to be well-positioned in the wave of M2E services.

How is different from other M2E?

1. Integration with Health on iPhone and Google Fitness or Gyro Sensor on Android

WalkMining asks users for permission to share health and fitness data with Health APP when users register on WalkMining APP. Walkmining read out your footsteps data automatically and appears data on WalkMining APP. Therefore, there is no need for users to open or run WalkMining APP in the background when walking and mining. Users do not have to be worried about steps not being counted on WalkMining because steps will be simultaneously counted from Health APP. If you didn’t give an app permission to share data with Health when you set up the app, you can give permission later. You can also remove permission from an app.

2. NFT is for outperforming, not necessary for walking.

Unlike other M2E services, Walkmining is simple enough for everyone. NFT is not a necessary item for the mining so what users have to do is, download the APP, walk, and mine the tokens. Every Alpha, Beta, and the official version of Walkmining are all the same and the NFT is not necessary for walking. Anyone can start walk n’ mine although you have discovered WalkMining recently. Newbies are always welcome! Also, to increase mining efficiency, users can design their own ‘World’ by placing NFTs or can synthesize ‘Avatar’ to get a more efficient Avatar.

3. A complete business model.

The business model refers to the story that explains how an enterprise works. Any Web3 services need a complete long-term business model to make a profit to get off the ground. Since a number of M2E services are undergoing problems with the persisting project as time goes by, we have dedicated ourselves to building up the winning business model both for users and the project. WalkMining earns a profit from advertisement revenue, which does not harm the M2E ecosystem and users. This new way will not only connect the project and the user on a very real and raw level but also ease the project to be lucrative in long term without obstacles.

What is the benefit of being an Alpha tester?

- Chance to mine earlier than the Beta, public version users.

This Alpha version is the first demonstration of WalkMining to the public. So the alpha tester will be the first users that have a chance to mine $WKM tokens. Compared to the public version of WalkMining, the Alpha version is only open to limited users so you can mine tokens way faster than the public users.

- Mine tokens with minimum effort.

Unlike other M2E services, WalkMining read out your footsteps data automatically and appears data on WalkMining APP. Therefore, there is no need for users to open or run WalkMining APP in the background. If the user just ‘has’ this WalkMining APP on phone, the user can get Mining Ticket with small steps in daily life without a heavy workout. If you are a heavy walker, keep in mind to open the WalkMinng APP from time to time. Also, check out the APP in bed before you go to sleep. There might be stacked Mining Tickets that you can use for mining $WKM tokens.

- Alpha Tester Avatar NFT.

WalkMining has an Avatar product that helps raise mining efficiency. The Alpha tester avatar NFT is only given to the Alpha version users and this will not be newly minted after the Alpha version. All Alpha testers are fully able to get this NFT. NFT will not be given in the alpha version right away but will be distributed as soon as the NFT minting is over. The minting schedule is planned before the public version launching. Details will be announced when it’s ready to open.


Website: https://www.walkmining.com/

Gitbook: https://docs.walkmining.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Walkmining

Discord: https://discord.gg/R7gSchK7

Telegram: https://t.me/walkmining_official

  • All other information such as tokenomics and vesting schedule of $WKM will be disclosed on the WalkMining public version of the APP launch.
  • The main goal of this test is to give it a try with the APP with the community and get feedback based on the users’ experience.
  • Therefore, some of the information may be modified at the public version of the APP launch.
  • All responsibility for participating in the alpha test rests with the tester, and Walkmining x Dexlab are not responsible for any problems resulting from it. When you participate in the test, you are deemed to have agreed to this content.

Whitelist Details

  • Purpose: WalkMining Alpha tester recruitment.
  • Where: Apply here.
  • Who: Anyone can join the whitelist.
  • How many: Depends on the number of participants. The number of winners can be changed if the participants are in large numbers.
  • Result: Whitelist winners get the WalkMining Alpha tester code via their email.
  • Benefit for stakers?: 100% lottery based.

Timeline (UTC)

  • Whitelist: October 3rd 15:00 — October 6th 15:00.
  • Winner announcement: October 7th at 15:00.
  • Alpha test code distribution: October 10th 15:00.
  • Alpha test starts: On October 15th (predicted).

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