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📱 We’ve launched Dexlab mobile APP

Greeting Dexlab community!

With tens of thousands of traders on Dexlab, we are glad to announce that Dexlab is launching the beta test of our Dexlab Mobile Application service! From now on, your trading experience on DEX will be straightforward and easy to access with the launch of the Dexlab Mobile App.

As we mentioned in the Dexlab 2022 Roadmap, this is a pre-test opportunity for Dexlab staking users. Our first application launch will be for IOS users and we will be launching the beta app for Android users soon (stay tuned). Please follow up at the end of this article in order to understand how it works.

💎 Dexlab in-your-hand

This is the first screen that you will see when you open the Dexlab App.

You can see the list of tokens on the ‘Markets’ tab.

You can see the chart of each token when you click on a certain token.

You can make a limit order on the ‘Trade’ tab.

After connecting your wallet, you can check your balance on the ‘Wallets’ tab.

💎 Perks and Details

📱 Target

  • The beta version will only be available to those who have staked $DXL on Dexlab Staking. You can stake your $DXL over here. (Staking tutorial)
  • As the beta version is only available on iOS, we recommend only iPhone users fill out this application for the time being. The Android version will be launched soon.

📱 Details

  • The application form will be uploaded soon. Dexlab will select 1,000 people in the application form and send the beta test invitation link via email.
  • Even if you also staked $DXL, you must also submit this form in order to qualify for the beta version.
  • Your SPL wallet address and email address are required for the application form. You can also leave us a comment on what additional features you would like to add to the Dexlab App.
  • There will be a limit of 1,000 testers; if applications exceed this number, participants will be determined in order of DXL tokens amount staked.
  • The second round of testing will take place for additional participants.
  • As we are still beta-testing, please direct any issues/errors to the app’s feedback function.
  • The official public launch date will be announced in the near future.

Stay up to date with the latest #Solana projects launching through Dexlab, and make sure you don’t miss out on any new tokens by following us on Twitter or joining our Telegram group!




Dexlab makes launching on Solana easy with a token minting lab, a launchpad and a dedicated DEX for all listings.

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Dexlab makes launching on Solana easy with a token minting lab, a launchpad and a dedicated DEX for all listings.

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