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What is XVERSE?

As you are aware, Dexlab will be hosting the IDO for Xverse!

But before hosting the IDO for them, we wanted to introduce you to the project to make sure you make an informed decision.

What is Xverse?

Xverse is a blockchain-based metaverse built on Solana. Users can interact with each other, create custom NFTs, and build their digital identities.

Xverse uses facial recognition technology to allow users to create avatars resembling themselves, and also participate in various P2E minigames with other players. Xverse aims to build a social metaverse for users to interact, play, and share in a virtual setting.

Core Services

To put it simply, Xverse is building the tools and foundations for a metaverse platform allowing users to interact and connect with each other. Currently, the Xverse ecosystem revolves around two core services, MyPick and RO: Mong.

MyPick is the NFT collection platform, allowing users to purchase rare and exclusive NFTs commissioned on behalf of our partners. In addition, users will be able to generate their own personal avatar and customize their avatar using NFT cosmetics. Within the platform, there will be a social community where users can discuss and share their NFT collections. There will also be minigames including MyGround (decentralized board game), that allows users to bring their unique avatars into online multiplayer games! MyPick will also feature a marketplace, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade their NFT items with other users!

Ro: Mong is Xverse’s upcoming virtual world, where users will be able to freely roam around and explore various environments using their MyPick avatars. Some things that you can expect in Ro: Mong, would be to go shopping at a virtual mall, going on virtual dates with other users, going skydiving off of mountains, anything that the user can imagine, will be available to do. This is in part due to our SDK that will allow developers to create their own virtual environments on top of the Ro:Mong platform.

Additional Resources

If you have any questions about Xverse, you can visit their website here. To learn about their native token $XVC and tokenomics, click here. And if you are curious about the Xverse team, check out their linkedin. To review the Xverse whitepaper, click here.

Furthermore, check out the additional resources from Xverse to be fully informed about them.




Dexlab IDO Information

Stay tuned for the whitelisting details, which will include everything you will need to know. The paper will be released in conjunction with the start of the whitelisting event.

Any questions, you can always contact us through discord or telegram.

Stay up to date with the latest #Solana projects launching through Dexlab, and make sure you don’t miss out on any new tokens by following us on Twitter or joining our Telegram group!



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