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Do we really need a Dapps, or just a trendy word to say to make you look cool?

Wayne Chiu
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Dec 19, 2018 · 3 min read

Before we dive into 『DApps, Do we really need it』, let’s see how 『Apps』and 『DApps』works.

Difference between 『Apps 』and 『DApps』

As an app user, you will really not feel any noticeable differences between apps and DApps—the only difference for App/DApp developer is the place where they retrieve or save data.

『App』will retrieve/save data from a particular data center in the cloud while 『DApps』could retrieve/save data from any DApp-data-center (so-called Node).

『DApps, Do we really need it』

There are 3 key characteristic of DApps that is differ from Apps.

  • Place to save/retrieve data
  • Ownership of Wallet (private key)
  • Ownership of Smart Contract

Place to save/retrieve data

As we can see, the biggest difference between Apps and DApps is the database layer and its data is the most important asset for the company. However, how they save/process/use data is not visible for people outside of the company.

Invisibility of how they 『save/process/use data』could be significant/insignificant depends on the different use cases.

Take Medium as example, how they save your comment against particular post could be insignificant.

Take Dice Gamble Game as example, the chance of winning should be 1/6 if it stated that way, therefore, visibility would be significant in this case.

Ownership of Wallet (private key) and Ownership of Smart Contract

These two might be new to you. However, these characteristics are already existing on a daily basis, which can be seen and experienced in the banking system where the contracts you signed are combined.

Do we need DApps?

The answer could be different depends on different cases.

There was a 『DApps Hackathon』hosted at the DEXON headquarters in Taipei 101, 2018-12-15 ~ 2018-12-16.

There were 22 projects in the Hackathon, and I had highlighted few projects that caught my eye on 『001 | DApp on DEXON instead of Ethereum | Programmer Explain

DEXON DApps Hackathon
DApps Hackathon

In my 『003 | DApps, do we really need it? | Programmer Explain』, I will use projects from the Hackathon and dive into those project with 3 different dimension. 『Place to save/retrieve data』『Ownership of Wallet(private key)』『Ownership of Smart Contract』

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