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009 | Ethereum to DEXON Migration Guide | Programmer Explain

How you can use Solidity on DEXON

Using the exact same smart contract (Solidity) code with outstanding performance (tps/absolute finality/confirmation time) on the DEXON network.

The following content might make more sense to you if have experienced working on the Ethereum Network.

If you already have running DApps on Ethereum, it would take less than 10 minutes migrating to DEXON with outstanding performance.

Key Metrics of Ethereum and DEXONTransactions Per Second
Ethereum: - 20
DEXON: + 12,000
Confirmation Time In Second
Ethereum: - >= 15
DEXON: + <= 3
On-chain Randomness
Ethereum: - false
DEXON: + true
Ethereum: - probabilistic finality
DEXON: + absolute finality
Smart Contract Language
Ethereum: - solidity
DEXON: + solidity supports On-chain randomness
Things related to Mnemonic and On-chain Randomness need to be modified.1. Mnemonic
DEXON network follows BIP39 standard.
BIP39 is the method for deriving private keys from mnemonic words.
- "m/44'/60'/0'/0/"
+ "m/44'/237'/0'/0/"
diff: derivation path
2. On-chain Randomness (if you are using rand)
DEXON network provides On-chain randomness for your smart contract(Solidity).
- complier
+ dexon-compiler
diff: compiler that knows how to use rand
Tools using MnemonicWallet
- MetaMask
+ DekuSan「Installation Link
diff: derivation path with better UI/UX experience
truffle-hdwallet-provider (npm package)
"truffle-hdwallet-provider": "^1.0.2"
+ "truffle-hdwallet-provider": "github:trufflesuite/truffle-hdwallet-provider"
diff: support derivation path configuration
Tools using on-chain randomnessSmart Contract Editor
Ethereum: -
diff: with rand
truffle (npm package)
Ethereum: - "truffle": "^4.1.16"
DEXON: + "@dexon-foundation/truffle": "^4.1.16",
DEXON Demo DApp — Chat Room (3s confirmation)
DEXON Demo DApp — ArcadeX (on-chain randomness for fairness)

If you are new to DEXON network, check out 「Hello DEXON」repository.

If you are wondering 「Why DApps?」
Check out 『002 | DApps, do we really need it? | Programmer Explain』for different DApp projects built from the Hackathon.

DEXON DApps Hackathon
Find DEXON anywhere

About me
I am a full-stack javascript / DApps developer and and one of the contributors for open source blockchain project DEXON and NEO.



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