DXN reaches China through exclusive IEO on LBANK

Apr 23 · 3 min read
DXN reaches China through exclusive IEO on LBANK

The DEXON IEO concluded in less than 3 minutes after it started on LBank on April 25th. Thank you all for joining! Check out the details here.

Updated as of April 25, 2019

DEXON’s native currency, DXN, will be available on LBANK’s IEO platform for 24 hours only. LBank, a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, will provide participating citizens and residents, who are largely from China, a limited-time opportunity to acquire DXN through the IEO.

Below are the details about the DXN IEO on LBANK:

  • Date: 25 April, 21:00 (UTC+8) — 26 April, 21:00 (UTC+8)
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Pair: DXN/USDT
  • IEO hard cap: 500,000 USDT
  • Price: 0.15 USDT (fixed)
  • Minimum purchase per account: No minimum
  • Maximum purchase per account: 500 USDT
  • Go to LBANK.info to participate

Similarly, LBank will also list DXN once the IEO ends on April 26th (the same listing date and time as DXN listing on COBINHOOD Exchange) with DXN-USDT trading pair available.


  1. What’s the difference between the LBANK IEO and COBX public sale?A: In a public sale you purchase tokens but you can’t claim the tokens immediately. An IEO allows participants who purchased through the IEO to trade the token immediately. Additionally, this IEO will allow to expand the reach of DEXON to participants from China, which is an important blockchain and crypto market, to acquire their token to enhance the liquidity of the coin and allow developers to create DApps on DEXON.
  2. What happens when the hard cap is not reached?
    A: No direct implications, DXN will still be listed on LBANK whether or not the hardcap is reached.
  3. From the DEXON token allocation, where will the DXN raised in the LBANK IEO come from?
    A: From the genesis supply allotted for the marketing budget (30% of the genesis supply from foundation reserve)
  4. Why is the token price on the DXN IEO on LBANK different from the DEXON Public Sale price on COBINHOOD?
    A: The hardcap and max purchase amount per account is smaller compared to the DXN public sale on COBINHOOD, along with the fact that the sale will only last 24 hours and with no COB Points bonus, this should provide some incentive for LBANK users to participate in the DXN on their platform.
  5. Can I join the LBANK IEO even if i’m not from China? How do I make an account?
    A: Yes, you just need to create an account and pass LBank’s KYC.
  6. Why did you move the DXN listing date in advance (originally May 2nd, now April 26)?
    A: We wanted to keep the momentum strong for DXN to coincide with the DEXON mainnet launch. We also want to make users enjoy all the trading functions (deposit, withdraw, trade) as early as possible, and we have the functions ready ahead of the original schedule.

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