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Apr 9 · 3 min read
Professional blockchain classes offered by DEXON in Taiwan

Taiwan is known for many things; bubble tea, its rich heritage, Taipei 101, and plenty more. But soon, Taiwan could be leading blockchain innovations in the industry. How? Through blockchain education.

As crucial cryptocurrency hubs move to regulate digital currencies and the technology surrounding it, creating a blockchain-friendly environment could put Taiwan in a leadership position — not just in the region, but throughout the world — for blockchain and digital currency adoption.

DEXON is helping lead the way to advance Taiwan in embracing digital currencies and other blockchain innovations by partnering with Taiwan University of Science and Technology to launch a comprehensive series of blockchain implementation courses.

Providing blockchain development education in Taiwan could play a crucial role in accelerating innovative blockchain applications. And unlike other institutions that offer blockchain learning, the DEXON-led blockchain education is hands-on, providing both theoretical and practical guidance in training a diverse set of up-and-coming blockchain developers geared towards creating real-world decentralized applications.

The DEXON-led blockchain education is hands-on, providing both theoretical and practical guidance in training a diverse set of up-and-coming blockchain developers

The DEXON blockchain class is a 3-month intensive course being offered to students taking Master of Science in Industrial Management Department of Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan University, and National Taiwan Normal University. Led by senior DEXON developers, in cooperation with Professor Zhou Shuoyan and Professor Yu Fengtian, these English-taught classes cover the principles and programming language of a smart contract, decentralized applications, and how to use DEXON and its tools to develop a platform, among others. Students will then be evaluated based on the technical feasibility and practicality of the three DEXON-powered application proposals they are required to submit, and then showcase through individual and group demos.

One of DEXON Foundation’s primary goals has always been to elevate blockchain technology into mass adoption. And by creating academic ties and practical institutional training courses, DEXON is becoming a central player in deepening blockchain adoption through education. This effort also helps solve one of the industry’s major problems, a shortage of blockchain talents. Though Taiwan is one of the most significant sources for blockchain engineers (ie, for Ethereum), DEXON also hopes to take this opportunity to attract emerging talents to innovate the blockchain industry and be part of the DEXON ecosystem.

Learn about blockchain with top DEXON blockchain engineers and scientists

Apart from the courses offered in various universities in Taiwan, DEXON has also hosted several hackathons, blockchain development training sessions, seminars, workshops, lectures on DEXON’s consensus algorithm, and university roadshows around Taiwan. The DEXON team aims to continuously support blockchain education endeavors by providing more learning opportunities in the coming months.

The current DEXON-led blockchain class offered in Taiwan University of Science and Technology is set to end in June 2019. Stay tuned as we announce more learning opportunities with DEXON.

For organizations or institutions who would like to cooperate with DEXON about learning opportunities, please get in touch with us through email.

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