The anti-counterfeiting blockchain platform to utilize DEXON to host simplyBrand

Apr 4 · 3 min read
simplyBrand, the world’s first online verification, anti-counterfeiting blockchain platform will utilize DEXON to host the simplyBrand platform

After simplyBrand’s successful token sale on COBINHOOD, we’re honored to announce that simplyBrand, the world’s first online verification, anti-counterfeiting blockchain platform will utilize DEXON to host the simplyBrand platform. This partnership is a significant step in a fruitful and mutually beneficial position in the aim to disrupt industries.

The entire DEXON team is thrilled with this partnership; as Wei-Ning Huang, co-founder and CTO of DEXON puts it, “It will be a great use case for us to see what DEXON is capable of. We have always admired what simplyBrand is developing and we believe that DEXON can provide next-gen capabilities to fulfill their DLT requirements that are so vital to their operations.”

DEXON is a distributed ledger technology that aims to solve the bottlenecks of current blockchain systems. With proprietary technology like Byzantine Agreement and verifiable random function (VRF), the DEXON Consensus Algorithm is highly scalable and fault tolerant. DEXON opens up the opportunity for DApp integrations across blockchain, and tapping into wider blockchain ecosystems.

All of these features and more will allow simplyBrand’s bid to strengthen its anti-counterfeiting efforts on online platforms and to provide brands with a comprehensive, scalable, and affordable solution to protect their reputations possible. Integrating simplyBrand onto the DEXON blockchain ecosystem perfectly demonstrates how platforms with scalability, high efficiency, and speed requirements can stay a step ahead of their industry — and in this case, an increasingly smart counterfeiting industry — by using DEXON to power their platforms.

With this, simplyBrand is not only equipped with faster and more accurate decisions from crowdsourcing to fight counterfeit listings online, but also the ability to maintain transparency for greater scrutiny and feedback from the community to improve.

“We are extremely pleased with these developments and are excited with the prospect of partnering with DEXON. We believe that with DEXON solving the problems of low throughput, high latency, and probabilistic finality, it will be an awesome technology to power a platform like simplyBrand,” said Kaufman Chang, co-founder, and CEO of simplyBrand.

The simplyBrand platform has a comprehensive set of tools that help in brand and IP protection. The integration of blockchain technology is vital to the platform, and DEXON is an advanced system that seeks to improve existing blockchain technology owing to our robust proprietary architecture. DEXON will play an essential role in powering the simplyBrand platform by creating greater efficiency and opportunities for scalability. This also provides the potential for more exposure across different blockchain ecosystems to fight counterfeit.

Relevant updates will be announced accordingly about this integration. Stay tuned for more important announcements.

About simplyBrand

simplyBrand is an inclusive ecosystem combining artificial intelligence, blockchain, and crowdsourcing to eliminate counterfeit products in digital commerce. simplyBrand enables people and AI to collaborate utilizing the unique features of blockchain technology to strengthen security in online purchases.

You can also find simplyBrand on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Medium, YouTube, Bitcointalk, VK, and Discord.

The simplyBrand token, SBA, is also now available for trading on COBINHOOD Exchange.

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