Chapter 7 : School

When Kiaan reached 10 years of age, his guardians felt he should study in the public school which some of their on children attended. Private tutoring had worked fine until now, but it would only isolate Kiaan. They believed in the __efficacy of the education system in __disseminating knowledge.

Kiaan would now go to school with other children! It made him nervous and excited! The __complaisant Mitra escorted the boy daily to school, and always had a toffee to spare. The classes taught by __verbose teachers were very __soporific, and some teachers could be __irascible too. But Kiaan enjoyed learning with others for a change, and many subjects like life sciences and history were really fascinating.

Kiaan was a __tractable and __compliant student at school. Kriti would __reproach him otherwise. “Absorb whatever you are taught. Remember to not be __refractory. Word of any __transgression will reach me.” the counselor advised and warned. Kiaan deeply cared what Kriti would say, so he obeyed.

While __capricious and playful at home, Kiaan was extremely __reticent in school. The students initially stayed a little distant from their new classmate who was also the future kind due to a mix of fear and awe. And Kiaan was shy and new to interacting with kids his age.

The __guileless prince tried his best to make new friends, and soon he would succeed.