DEXTF Protocol
DEXMF is the implementation of DEXTF on Algorand Mainnet

We are proud to announce that DEXTF Protocol will be launching on Algorand public network as DEXMF (Decentralised Managed Funds), thanks to the grant funding received from Algorand Foundation.

This is the first of many multi-chain implementations of DEXTF.

Algorand is well equipped with a deeply innovative technical team that…


  • To date 27 XTF funds launched, 5 new pools on Uniswap
  • Token distribution will run for 5 years split between 3 programs: Monthly Incentive Program (for Portfolio Managers and Investors), Milestone-based Incentive Program (for Portfolio Managers) and Liquidity Mining Incentive Program (for any user), respectively allocating 20M, 5M and…

DEXTF Protocol

Official Publication for DEXTF Protocol

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