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A Step-by-Step Guide for an Investor (Buy + LP)

DIP-3 has been approved, changes to the tokenomics have been implemented.

Here is a detailed guide on the incentivised roles that an Investor can play within the protocol:

To begin with, let’s give a quick definition of what is an XTF fund token.

An XTF fund token is an ERC-20 token that can hold whatever asset composition the fund manager had decided to include at the time of creation (this obviously changes with V2).





Currently investors can earn yields through the “Investor Mining”.

Practically, these yields are viewable towards the bottom of our homepage. At the time of writing, they still look quite interesting.


These are the info you need to know:

  • The reward allocation will be of [450k] DEXTF per month
  • Escrowed (vested) for [9] months (once the staking contract is developed)

How to purchase XTF token funds on Uniswap (not mint)

  • for this please note that if there’s not sufficient liquidity investors might suffer high slippage
  1. You can find a list of XTF token funds that are today available for trading on Uniswap here

2. Click on the green link after identifying a potential fund that interests you (in this case XTF.YYYBOX)

3. You’ll find yourself in this page

3. Click on Trade (on the top right corner of the UI)

4. Click on Import (no gas is spent in this operation)

5. In this example there is around US$ 240k liquidity, an investor could decide to buy the fund token using DEXTF (the pool is XTF FUND-DEXTF type) with much lower fees (instead of minting the token fund). The fees can be 90% lower than minting a new fund, especially with current gas costs.

6. After obtaining the XTF fund token via Uniswap, you can decide to be an LP for additional yield.

As a reminder: LP Rewards prioritise LPs that are in XTF FUND-DEXTF pools.

Reward allocation will be [37k] tokens per day (to be reduced over time to manage inflation)

Escrowed (vested) for [6] months with the following proportions:

  • 55% of Tokens to the sum of all XTF FUND-DEXTF pools
  • 30% of Tokens to DEXTF-ETH pool
  • 15% of Tokens to the sum of all XTF FUND-ETH pools

How to provide liquidity to the Uniswap whitelisted XTF fund token pools

  1. Go back to this page on our website’s documentation section.
  2. Click on the green link after identifying a potential fund that interests you (in this case XTF.YYYBOX)

3. Since you’ve already bought the XTF.YYYBOX from the previous section, now click on Add Liquidity (on the top right corner of the UI)

4. You’ll land in this page (this is the last step):

5. Now enter the amount of XTF.YYYBOX you’d like to LP for and a corresponding DEXTF amount will be calculated by Uniswap for you. If all looks good, add the liquidity and LP tokens will be issued to you.

6. There are NO further steps until staking contracts are ready for LP tokens to be staked. Currently LP rewards will be accrued and streamed without any staking.

Dapp (currently only available for Desktop)

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A revolutionary on-chain non-custodial asset management protocol

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