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A Step-by-Step Guide for an Investor (Mint + LP)

If you haven’t read the article on how to for an Investor, we strongly suggest to do so before reading this one. Why?

Because minting XTFs is always more expensive than buying XTFs off of Uniswap.

You must want to have a permanent guide on how to:

  • Mint fund tokens (XTFs)
  • Provide liquidity (if the pool is whitelisted. Read for the full updated list) to the freshly issued XTFs.

How to mint XTF token funds on Dapp

If you are looking to buy the XTF fund, you should be reading .

  1. Go to and click on the top right corner Mainnet.

2. You’ll land on this page, select Connect (under Investor)

3. Once logged in, you’ll immediately be able to view all the XTF funds available, you can easily sort them by a number of metrics

4. After identifying a potential fund that interests you (in this case XTF.YYYBOX), click on Mint. Then click Next to proceed to Instructions.

5. Enter how many XTF token funds you’re planning to mint

6. Let’s assume we want to mint 10 XTF.YYYBOX fund tokens. Enter 10 in the box and press Enter and click on the revolving arrows to calculate the Required Quantity for each token

7. You can either provide the required tokens in kind (need to own them all) or via Kyberswap (with the limitation that some tokens are not supported, e.g. DEXTF token itself. We do not control this process). If one token is not supported, you should supply each token in kind, there is no partial swapping at the moment.

Also please exert caution if you choose the latter option as users have reported “out of gas” transactions. Out of gas transaction means that gas will be consumed without completing the transaction.

8. Click Next after underlying assets are provided.

An entry fee of 0.3% for minting is currently waived at this initial stage.

9. Do not forget to click on Invest on the last step in Recap.

Now you are a proud owner of 10 XTF.YYYBOX fund tokens.

How to provide liquidity to the Uniswap whitelisted XTF fund token pools

  1. Go back to this on our website’s documentation section.
  2. Click on the green link after identifying a potential fund that interests you (in this case XTF.YYYBOX)

3. Since you’ve already bought the XTF.YYYBOX from the previous section, now click on Add Liquidity (on the top right corner of the UI)

4. You’ll land in this page (this is the last step):

5. Now enter the amount of XTF.YYYBOX you’d like to LP for and a corresponding DEXTF amount will be calculated by Uniswap for you. If all looks good, add the liquidity and LP tokens will be issued to you.

6. There are NO further steps until staking contracts are ready for LP tokens to be staked. Currently LP rewards will be accrued and streamed without any staking.

Protip: Liquidity Mining Rewards and Investor Mining Rewards are additive for the FUND pools (as every LP contains 50% of Funds)

(currently only available for Desktop)

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