Dezy Builder — How Does It Work?

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4 min readAug 29, 2023


Have you heard? We’re releasing our Builder product later in September.

With only weeks to go before you can build your own DeFi flows all in one interface, its time to dive deeper into what all of this means for you.

Before we talk about what this means for you lets confirm again who Builder is for and who is benefits.

  • Experienced DeFi user navigating various protocols and networks in search of yield? Do it easier and faster with Dezy Builder.
  • Unsure on where to start in DeFi or looking for a more passive approach to the market? Don’t worry about building your own strategies but enjoy the output from everyone elses work via our Explore page. Discover yield opportunities built via the hivemind of DeFi!

Let’s break down what that actually looks like specifically for those who will use the Dezy Builder.

Providing Liquidity to Uniswap using Aave

Step 1:

  • Select Aave
  • Select your desired action from the within the building block. We’ll be Supplying assets to the protocol in this case.
  • Select your desired asset. We’ll use ETH for this example.
  • Save

Step 2:

  • Select Aave
  • Select your desired action from within the building block. For this example we’ll borrowing WBTC against the collateral that we supplied in the previous step.
  • Set your borrowing parameters (type of interest; Variable or Fixed + the borrowing amount).
  • Save

Step 3:

  • Select Uniswap
  • Select select your action
  • Select your assets
  • Set your liquidity parameters (Fee Tier & Price Range)
  • Save


You just accomplished in one interface what would have otherwise taken multiple browser tabs, multiple wallet engagements, multiple transaction authorisations and familiarity with multiple UIs.

One interface with all your DeFi needs.

Shall we look at another example?

Collateralise Assets with Aave and Deploy to Gearbox

Similar to the above example we’re going to start by selecting Aave and supplying ETH to collateralise.

Let’s borrow DAI this time and pay a variable interest rate against our position.

Let’s take our DAI and deploy it into one of the Gearbox vaults to earn yield on our assets.

Save, publish and done! You’ve once again saved yourself time by avoiding multiple hoops while still enjoying the benefits of what these protocols can offer you.

You’ve built some flows. Now what?

Earn Yield & Fees

Now that you’re building strategies you have two options of what you can do with them.

Option #1 is to enjoy the fruits of your labour! Deposit your assets into the strategy you built and earn your yield! Congratulations on saving yourself a lot of time to achieve the same desired result.

Option #2 is to share your labour with everyone else! You will have the ability to share your strategies with others and earn fees from Dezy as your strategy gets used. Earn yield on your own assets while earning transaction fees as your strategy becomes more popular!

Once you publish your strategies you’ll be prompted to fill in some details on your build.

Give it a name, give it a description and include a wallet address where you will automatically earn a portion of protocol fees that Dezy charges. The more transaction fees your strategy generates, the more gets sent to your wallet.

Track Your Activity

You’re building strategies and earning fees. How do you keep track of it all? Through a simple dashboard.

Lets Recap

Are you an enjoyoor of DeFi navigating multiple protocols, multiple networks, approving various transactions and doing so in search of composable yield?

We got you.

With Dezy Builder you will save yourself time by accessing various DeFi protocols and combining them to create various yield outputs. Save yourself time, discover more protocols and earn fees from others while doing it!

Not sure where to start but looking to discover more about DeFi and deploy your assets?

We got you too. Check out our Explore section in the dApp as it scales with more protocols and more strategies built both by Dezy and by the community.

Join our Discord to follow along as we get closer to launch and register your interest to our waitlist to find out more. We’ll be organising some pre-launch testing as well which may or may not (100% may) involve some of the Lil Pudgys that recently waddled into our lives.