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DeNet App Launch & Use Guide

Step 1. Download

Step 2. Launch

Step 3. Enter

Step 4. Explore

Step 1. Download

Go to and click a Download button. The app is available for 4 operational systems:

  • Windows x64 (64-bit system)
  • Windows x86 (32-bit system)
  • macOS x64 (64-bit system)
  • Linux x64 (64-bit system)

The website will automatically detect your operating system. If you need an app for another OS, download it from Github.

Step 2. Launch

  1. Unzip the launch file and doubleclick it to start. Windows Firewall will warn you, since the app is in beta version. Warning can be ignored, because the app won’t cause any harm to your computer.
  2. The DeNet app will be launched in the OS default browser. We recommend to use Chromium based browsers (i.e. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet, Opera, Yandex).
  3. You will see a start page with an option to create a new account or import an existing account.

Step 3. Enter

3.1. Create a new account

  1. Click ‘Create new account’ (if you already have an Ethereum account, you can import it following the instructions in chapter 3.2 of the tutorial).
  2. Type and confirm your new password. Ensure it contains 8 or more characters with a mix of letters, numbers and symbols.
  3. Click ‘Next’.
  4. The app will generate a private key for your new account. Copy and keep it in a safe place, as any other private keys.
  5. Confirm you’ve copied the private key. Enter your private key to finalize the creation of an account (DeNet doesn’t collect private keys and passwords. But as it’s a newly generated wallet, you don’t risk anyways).
  6. If you have been invited by someone, type his/her public address in a special field.

Congratulations! You’ve entered the DeNet app and can start exploring it.

3.2. Import an existing account

  1. Click ‘Import account’.
  2. Enter your private key and set a password (DeNet doesn’t collect private keys and passwords. But you can create a new account in a crypto wallet and import it in the DeNet app if you have any doubts).

Congratulations! You’ve entered the DeNet app and can start exploring it.

4. Explore

After logging in to your account you will see DeNet Desk with ecosystem dApps, Referral Program and Bug Bounty tabs in footer and User profile icon in the right side of header.

DeNet Desk is a desktop which allows you to access the entire Web 3 with the ability to customize the application list for each network and seamless one-click blockchain switch.

A User profile menu in the right side of the header allows you to:

  • Copy your account public key with a hover function.
  • View your balance and available deposit for storage.
  • Switch a blockchain network — choose a network in the bottom of the tab. For now it is available to choose between Polygon, BNB Chain, Kovan and Syscoin.

In the footer you can view your current network and available storage capacity. The Referral Program tab shows an amount of your referrals and instructions for them. In the Bug Bounty tab you can get a reward for performing simple tasks. Read more about how to get a reward using Referral Program and performing simple Bug Bounty tasks in our Medium.

You can start a conversation with other DeNet users in the Chat.

Enjoy! More functionality coming soon!




Decentralized Storage & DeNet File Token

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