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DeNet: Desktop vs Web version

Starting to use DeNet many users are wondering why access to the network is carried out through a desktop application that needs to be downloaded. Why is there no website where you can access the app and use storage services through it? Explaining!


DeNet storage is based on a decentralized network of nodes that form a united storage space. Decentralization is the main idea of the network. Users can become a participant of the network by downloading and launching the app.

This helps the network to be more secure and eliminates a single point of failure, which may become a website. Simply saying, using the web domain is less secure. The website can be DDoSed, it can be hacked, forged, and so on.

The DeNet application allows you to access a decentralized network directly, without using centralized services. The official wallets of the leading cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin Core for bitcoin or MetaMask for Ethereum and compatible networks, work on the same principle.

Hereby, the official wallet is the preferred way to interact with the network.

DeNet cryptowallet

The DeNet app has the functions of a crypto wallet, which is integrated in the storage network and is focused on comfortable work with it. You can import MetaMask keys or create a separate wallet exclusively for working with the DeNet network.

High performance

It is impossible to provide the same speed of encrypting files in the browser as in the DeNet application. Project tests have shown that it takes 5 times longer to download one 100 MB file in the browser. In addition, it is safer to work through the application, since in this case the encryption keys are transmitted only from the browser to the application running directly on the user’s computer. It helps to avoid a remote server, which is slowing down the connection. Using the DeNet application eliminates the need of a web server as an intermediary, and at the same time excludes the very possibility of compromising keys by the third parties.

Is the app safe?

The DeNet application has been developing for several years and is currently stable and secure enough. Currently its code is being audited, after that developers will open its source code so that everyone can verify its security, as well as offer improvements to eliminate potential vulnerabilities.

The latest version of the DeNet application v1.4.0 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. When installing Windows or macOS, you may receive a warning that the program is from an unidentified source. You can ignore it, just be sure that you’ve downloaded the file from Github or website. Remember that the app is in beta, so use it at your own risk.

In any case, there is no need to be afraid to click on the “Download” button. Experienced users who do not trust closed-source programs can run the application in an isolated computing environment — in VMware, VirtualBox, or even on a separate computer. By the way, this is a common approach among professional providers of decentralized infrastructure — bitcoin full nodes, Ethereum, PoS network validators and others.

Ecosystem development is the priority

There is another reason why launching a web interface of DeNet at this stage may be premature. The fact is that a new, deeply redesigned DeNet API is currently under development — a software interface using which developers will be able to create or integrate their applications to access the decentralized storage network. DeNet developers also plan to create developer tools (SDK) that will significantly simplify this process.

Thus, the development of an application for access to the network, as well as developer tools, gain more priority at this stage. Creating a web interface to decentralized storage now is like running ahead of the train. First you need to create tools that will allow any developer to make their website with access from DeNet or integrate network capabilities with their application.

This approach is aimed at developing a broader ecosystem in which both dApp developers and users have maximum freedom to choose how to access the network and applications that are integrated with DeNet.




Decentralized Storage & DeNet File Token

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