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DeNet File Token — TestNet Phase 2!

Great news!

Today 28 Jul 2021 we launch next phase of testnet! You will see more detailed and very important information below.

Before we start, look at short results of this TestNet Phase!

TestNet information

  • Period 20 Jun 2021–28 Jul 2021 (38 Days)
  • Network type: EVM / PoA
  • Network name: Kovan
  • Deployed contracts: 23
  • TX Count by DFILE users 6537 (4500+ of ProofOfStorage)

In next hours Reward Stage 1 will ended, where telegram bot users earn first DFILE tokens.

Next Steps

In phase 2, we updating Proof Of Storage payments and Storage staking in near time, and make new post with recommendations to participate . Our team are working on a product and are working hard to get to the main network as soon as possible. For 4 years we have proved that we have uniqueness and functionality. Depending on your activity, the launch of the next stages of reward will be considered.
We invite you to think about the benefits you are bringing to the DeNet community.

We see that not some of you miss the news, so we suggest subscribing to all social networks.

testnet url —

storage provider url —

DeNet Team 🖤



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