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DeNet launched NFT Storage

It may sound incredible, but we made the second embedded application in the ecosystem after file storage!

We’ve included incredible NFT Storage in DeNet Storage v1.1.0 with supports 4 blockchains!

Join to be the first to use the power of the decentralized ecosystem!

What is NFT Storage

NFT Storage — is a DAPP included into DeNet Storage since v.1.1.0 for browsing, storing and managing NFT’s..

Included algorithm collects information about all existing NTFs in available EVM networks, comparing them on user side. User can view NFT, create folders for comfortable storing. Users can save NFT’s from 4 blockchains in DeNet Storage . Also there is a possibility to show history of NFTs in ethereum network.

Storing NFT inside DeNet Storage

Most of NFT’s are stored on centralized cloud, and as we know, in a decentralized world, everything should be protected by default!

One click and user can move NFT to DeNet Storage!

If selected network is Kovan, NFT will be stored for free, meanwhile nodes will create ProofOfStorage proofs to become the mainnet miners.

In the MainNet 100MB of free NFT Storage is offered for one account, once the limit is reached you need to make a deposit, as in the example below.

Example deposit for DeNet Storage NFT

Right now miners are users who successfully completed the bug bounty program for 100%. Your NFT’s will be replicated on several nodes at once.

Streamline your NFT’s

Create, Sort, View

History view

Check description, and save your NFT into DeNet

Supported networks for browsing NFT’s

  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon
  • Kovan Testnet

Supported Networks for Storing NFT’s

  • Polygon
  • Kovan Testnet

What can I do?

  • Download DeNet Storage client from github.
  • Launch application
  • Import your wallet or create new
  • Store your NFT by click to “Save to DeNet” inside NFT Storage.
  • Store additional files
  • Wait for next updates!

Why i need to do it?

  • Safer than centralized services
  • Transparency in data storage
  • Free for first users
  • Soon there will be a surprise ….



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