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DeNet NFT Staking Launch

Recently we’ve talked about unlocking the potential of NFTs. Good news! Today you receive a chance to do it! The NFT Staking function is available for you in the DeNet NFT Storage.

Now all NFTs, saved to DeNet NFT Storage, are participating in Staking. It means that when someone downloads (=views) your NFT, you will get a reward as a content creator.

How to stake NFT?

  1. Download DeNet from GitHub or website.
  2. Launch the application.
  3. Import your wallet or create a new one. You will see all NFTs you own from Polygon, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks in DeNet NFT Storage.
  4. Click “Save to DeNet”.
Saving NFT to DeNet

5. Congratulations! Your NFT started to work for you! Every time someone downloads a page with your NFT at DeNet NFT Storage, you will get a reward in DFILE tokens*.

6. Claim your NFT reward at any moment and it will be added to your DeNet deposit.


7. You can unstake your NFT any time — click the “Delete from DeNet” button.

How to get more reward?

More views brings more reward! So your goal is to invite more people to look at your NFT! Remember that users will be able to see your staked NFT only if they install the DeNet Pass extension, otherwise they will only see a banner with a link to install.

Staked NFT

How it works

Staking is realized on the wrapping technology. When you wrap an NFT it means that you block your original NFT in a smart contract, and we give you a new identical NFT. Data of your new NFT is stored in the DeNet storage, so only users with the DeNet Pass extension can see it on 3-rd party services, and you will be rewarded every time they do this. Read more details on GitHub.

You can also increase your reward even more — participate in the DeNet Referral program, accomplish Bug Bounty tasks and take part in the Daily rewards challenge! Download DeNet and start!

Discuss the new feature in our Discord or Telegram community.

Wait for the next updates from DeNet!

*DFILE tokens are now issued as a deposit of storage capacity, which can be closed to receive DFILE tokens when they are available on the mainnet.

**For now wrapping is available only for the Polygon network NFTs.



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