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DeNet.Storage launch guide [TestNet]

We created launcher app, to make test launch easy

  1. Download (click to assets, and choose your OS)
  2. Unpack 7z archive
  3. Open “launcher”
  1. Import your test account or create new one (and save private key)
  2. Play with storage (try to upload, download, remove files)
  3. Wait for testnet updates and rewards

While your test front-side of storage, we are testing and preparing nodes.

Things to know.

  • Your tokens can be spent by ProofOfStorage, do not panic. It will be refunded automatically in the nearest time.
  • If you found bug, report about it using Testnet BugTracker Form
  • Files larger than 400 MB can take a long time to load (or got some errors)
  • Public testnet has logging (accounts count, files count, total storage size, errors log (without addresses and private keys))
  • If you share your experience in our chat, we will grow faster and we will prepare to launch MainNet faster!



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