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DeNet Storage v1.0.0

Mainnet is already here!

DeNet team presents to your attention article, where you can discover how it works!

  • What is going on?
DeNet Storage Mainnet is already here in Polygon Netowrk!

What is going on?

Today we released our DeNet Storage in Polygon mainnet with a lot of updates. This version officially support two networks — Polygon Mainnet and Kovan Testnet. Everyone can make deposit and store files in decentralized storage from this moment.

Updates List

  • Improved security

What do I need to do?

  • Download latest version of DeNet Storage from GitHub

*Please pay attention to making a deposit to the same account which you use in DeNet Storage

MainNet limits

At the time of release, we deliberately set limits on the deposit for one account 1 USDC per week! With the next updates, we will get rid of this threshold.

If you find a bug, feel free to create an issue in GitHub or ask a question in telegram chat!

Helpful Links to discover DeNet.

DeNet Storage APP UI Updates

  • View own Storage Deposit
DeNet Storage gas token balance

Payment Dashboard

  1. Make sure you have USDC

When you make deposit, in your wallet will display ERC20 like token “TB/Year”. The balance will decrease (by sending proofs from miners) in proportion to the amount of data stored. 1 TB/Year = One year for storing 1 TB in DeNet Storage.

Note: TB/Years have built-in fees for transfers. More information about deposit model will publish soon. Please, use it only for storage payments.

MetaMask TB/Year gas token

DeNet Storage Polygon Dune Analytics

DeNet in Polygon Dune Analytics Dashboard

In this picture, you can discover some statistic for current mainnet status.

TVL in PoS — amount of USDC, locked in ProofOfStorage smart contract for payments.

TB/Year — Amount of storage capacity, viewed as ERC20 like gas token.

Unique Users — Amount of unique accounts, who used DeNet smart contracts.

Payed Proofs — Amount of proofs with successful payments for stored data

Polygon Fee — Consumption of MATIC for transactions by the DeNet network (Miners and Users)

Follow the news and feel free to ask any questions!



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