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This post will be divided into three parts

  1. Introduction
  2. [Tech] What the App Market consists of
  3. [Tech] The basis of the Sharing algorithm


DeNet since the very beginning was founded on an idea of ​​a completely decentralized hosting, which can take on tasks that can bring any product to a decentralized cloud with minimal effort for developers. In this technical article, we will explain what an app store is, in our case [App Market DeNet], and how it works providing all sorts of details.

How to bring users to a new decentralized product?

To ensure the maximum comfortable transition to WEB 3.0, a user should not only have a file storage with unique functions — the user should have everything that he or she uses every day: Mail, Forums, his own eBay, Music, Books, Taxi, Food delivery, Social networks, etc.

Usually, separate decentralized and centralized counterparts are closed after the launch, after 3–36 months, so the users of these applications / startups are lost. In our case, when someone stops using a separate application, they will remain in the ecosystem, for example, listen to music, sell products, etc., or remain in another application. Same analogy can be drawn with Ethereum and individual projects based on Ethereum, they may close in a month, but the audience they bring to the common ecosystem will stay and will bring growth to other applications — Metamask, Etherscan, Uniswap, Mooniswap, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and centralized exchanges — these are the projects that touch on Web3 at their core.

Top basic apps expected on the App Market

General AppMarket roadmap

  1. Launching AppMarket
  2. Launch of the first 20 applications based on AppMarket
  3. Achieving goal of 1,000-> 10,000-> 100,000 AppMarket users
  4. Achieving goal of 100-> 500-> 1,000 applications

Where will apps and users come from on AppMarket?

  • New and existing startups
  • Dapp catalogs
  • Owners of communities in social networks
  • Existing DeNet / DFILE users
  • Referral program
  • First application reward program
  • Hackathons

Continuation and technical details in the following publications.



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