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First product from DFILE team starting in private testnet!

We have prepared a test version of the browser extension for launch. On 03/10/2021 it is working in test mode.

DFILE.DEFENDER — Extension will safe dapps!

What is DFILE.Defender?


Using DAPPS, developers make unsafe updates and users and can lost funds, because don’t know about update features.

Using DAPPS, user can open phishing page and lost funds.


Dfile.Defender is browser extension for safe browsing dapps. It use hashes of content and protect users for negative updates from hackers or developers.

Every user, who install Defender, will notified about changes of any site. For example, you browsing Uniswap and their team create update, extension will notify user about update.

Secondary example — you get’s link from official channel and save it, when you open this link you can be sure that the open application will not be modified, because Defender will check hash in link and real file hash.

Third example — you open new site, and get info about counts of users who approved this version of site. If you have mistake on URL typing and get phishing, you will know that this site not using Defender or know about counts of proofs for this site. You also will see date of creation first proof and version lists.

Four example — you don’t like last update from any dapp team, and you may select last used version to browse.

How it works?

Main target!

When you open any site, Defender create sha256 hash of opened content and compares it with over users sended hashes.

If hashes compared successfull, DFILE.Defender add “match points” to this hash, if points too high, DFILE.Defender says “Site protected”.

Defender also adds “sha256 hash” on url of this page, and you may save link, and open again, defender will check link without comparing.

If hash in link can’t compare with real hash, then users will notified about it!

What it also do?

DFILE.Defender also prepare NFT tokens for DAPPS to check team hashes and users hashes. After a while, we will allow development teams to issue special secure NFT token for DAPPS. It will working on extension and DFILE App Market.

How to install in 3 steps?

  1. Install TamperMonkey on you browser.
  2. Install script DFILE.Defender (by url:
  3. You are beautiful!

Browse sites and waiting for updates!

What to do now?

Right now we collecting first users to build proof network. Try installing extension and wait for further instructions!

Now you will not receive notifications about a successful or unsuccessful comparison, but hashes will already be checked and added to the URL.

Step by step, we will continue to release updates and together we will launch a reliable network that will protect users and give miners and application creators an opportunity to earn crypto!

Any user who install extension can join chat with DFILE.Defender discussion and ask any question.



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