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Storage Node private testnet live!

Decentralized world is one step closer! We promised early access to our community members for being persistent in bug bounty program, and today we keep up to our words by granting access to the 43 community members that made it to the end by passing all the tasks. In order to make sure nodes work reliably, we decided that first node owners should be able to make transactions and prove that they store data in Kovan Testnet. It’s a great opportunity for our community members, because those who will gain the highest rating during this test period, will be able to become first miners in MainNet. Great work guys! Keep on building the decentralized future with us! — DeNet Team


Before start

  • Kovan Testnet Tokens (kETH) to send proofs
  • BugBounty Completed 100% (find your address here)
  • Nodes Limit is not exceeded*

Minimal System requirements

  • 50MB RAM
  • 99% uptime

Nodes Limit*

If you launch node first time, your need to register node in smart contract. we have limits with unlocking, when network growing by formula. Start limit = 10, and growing, when nodes sending proofs. Some example bellow.

  • Nodes Limit = 11 Total Proofs: 10
  • Nodes Limit = 15 Total Proofs: 50
  • Nodes Limit = 20 Total Proofs: 105
  • Nodes Limit = 110 Total Proofs: 2,613
  • Nodes Limit = 210 Total Proofs: 20,257
  • Nodes Limit = 310 Total Proofs: 146,844
  • Nodes Limit = 410 Total Proofs: 1,062,682
  • Nodes Limit = 510 Total Proofs: 7,699,399

To get node, visit documentation page



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