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The last step before MAINNET!
Get DFILE for DeNet Storage test!

We’ve improved our storage and we invite every member of our private community to test it. You will understand where the data on the nodes comes from, and how the ecosystem works in principle. It will be very useful for every potential miner. For each stage of testing, you will be issued a certain number of DFILE tokens.

Bug bounty rules:

To achieve the required number of participants and stress test our network, you can invite friends, for which you will receive 3 months of a premium DeNet Storage account and an additional 6.2 DFILE.

After a successful testnet, the mainnet will be launched. The testnet will start from 10 September!

Note: after accrual, DFILE will be displayed as GB, which is required to participate in the bug bounty

Step By Step Guide

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